Band Album Format Jahr
10000 Maniacs Blind man's zoo LP
10CC Bloody Tourists LP 1978
10CC dreadlock holiday 7Si 1980
10CC Dreadlock Holiday 7Si 1978
10CC I´m Not In Love 7Si 1975
10CC The Original Soundtrack LP 1975
187 Lockdown Gunman MXCD 1997
5000 Volts (Airbus) i´m on fire 7Si 1975
A Flock of Seagulls A Flock of Seagulls LP
A Flock of Seagulls Listen LP
A Flock Of Seagulls never again (the dancer) 7Si 1984
A Flock of Seagulls The Best of A Flock Of Seagulls CD 1991
A Flock Of Seagulls the more you live the mores you love 7Si 1984
A Flock Of Seagulls transfer affection 7Si 1983
A Flock Of Seagulls wishing (if i had a photograph of you) 7Si 1982
A-ha Hunting High and Low LP 1985
A-ha hunting high and low (re-mix) 7Si 1986
A-ha i´ve been losing you 7Si 1986
A-ha manhattan skyline 7Si 1987
A-ha touchy 7Si 1988
ABBA Arrival LP 1976
ABBA chiquitita 7Si 1979
ABBA dancing queen 7Si 1976
ABBA does your mother know 7Si 1979
ABBA eagle 7Si 1977
ABBA fernando (there was something in the air) 7Si 1976
ABBA fernando (there was something in the air) 7Si 1976
ABBA Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 7Si 1979
Abba Greatest Hits 2 LP 1979
ABBA head over heels 7Si 1982
ABBA i have a dream 7Si 1979
ABBA knowing me, knowing you 7Si 1977
Abba Lay all your love on me Maxi 1980
Abba Live CD 1986
ABBA one of us 7Si 1981
ABBA one of us 7Si 1981
ABBA s.o.s. 7Si 1975
ABBA summer night city 7Si 1978
ABBA super trouper 7Si 1980
ABBA super trouper 7Si 1980
Abba Super Trouper CD 1980
ABBA take a chance on me 7Si 1978
Abba Thank You For The Music 4xCD 1994
ABBA the day before you came 7Si 1983
Abba The Singles - The First Ten Years DOLP 1982
Abba The Very Best of ABBA DOLP 1976
Abba The Visitors LP 1981
ABBA the winner takes it all 7Si 1980
ABBA under attack 7Si 1982
Abba Voulez-vous LP 1979
ABBA waterloo 7Si 1974
Abba Waterloo LP 1974
Abba / Andersson & Ulveaus Chess DOLP 1985
Abba / Andersson & Ulveaus Chess Pieces LP
ABC How to be a zillionaire LP 1985
ABC the night you murdered love 7Si 1987
AC/DC hells bells (live) 7Si 1980
AC/DC Highway To Hell CD 1979
AC/DC Live CD 1992
Acid Scout Musik für Millionen CD 1996
Acid Ted Acid Lock Groove Part 1 Maxi 2003
Adam and The Ants Ant Rap 7Si 1981
Adam and The Ants goody two shoes 7Si 1982
Adam and The Ants prince charming 7Si 1981
Adam and The Ants puss´n boots 7Si 1983
Adam and The Ants stand and deliver 7Si 1981
Adam and The Ants stand and deliver 7Si 1981
Adamo Adamo Live LP 1967
Adams, Bryan everything i do i do it for you 7Si 1991
Adams, Bryan Reckless LP 1984
Adventures Send my Heart Maxi 1984
Adventures Theodore & Friends LP 1985
Aerosmith 9 Lives CD 1997
Aerosmith Big ones CD 1994
Aerosmith Bootleg DOLP
Aerosmith Get a Grip CD 1993
Aerosmith Greatest Hits LP
Aerosmith I don't want to miss a thing MXCD 1998
Aerosmith Just push Play CD 2001
Aerosmith Night in the ruts LP 1979
Aerosmith Pump LP
Aheads Aheads LP 1981
Air 10.000 Hz Legend CD 2001
Air Moon Safari CD 1998
Air Premiers Symptomes CD 1999
Alan Parsons Project don´t answer me 7Si 1984
Alan Parsons Project Eve LP 1979
Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky LP
Alan Parsons Project let´s talk about me 7Si 1985
Alan Parsons Project Limelight - The Best of Alan Parsons Project 2 LP
Alan Parsons Project Pyramid CD 1978
Alan Parsons Project Pyramid LP 1978
Alan Parsons Project Stereotomy LP 1985
Alan Parsons Project Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Edgar Allen Poe CD 1976
Alan Parsons Project Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Edgar Allen Poe LP 1976
Alan Parsons Project The Best of Alan Parsons Project LP 1983
Alarm black sun 7Si 1989
Alarm Change LP 1990
Alarm Spirit of '76 LP 1986
Alarm Strength LP 1986
Alda Reserve Love goes on LP
Alex Harvey Band Rock Heavies LP
Alice una notte speciale 7Si 1981
Alice in Chains Dirt CD 1992
Alien Sex Fiend Nocturnal Emissions CD 1997
Almond, Marc my hand over my heart 7Si 1991
Almond, Marc & Gene Pitney something´s gotten hold of my heart 7Si 1989
Alphaville big in japan 7Si 1984
Alphaville forever young 7Si 1984
Alphaville jet set 7Si 1984
Alphaville sounds like a melody 7Si 1984
Altern 8 Activ 8 (Come With Me) MXCD 1991
Ambros, Wolfgang Wolfgang Ambros Live (auf ana langen, finstern...) LP
Ambros, Wolfgang Zwickt´s mi 7Si 1980
Anderson, Laurie Big Science LP
Andrews, Chris yesterday man 7Si 1965
Animals House of the Rising Sun LP
Animals Pop Giants Vol. 25 LP 1971
Animotion Obsession 7Si 1984
Anka, Paul diana 7Si
Anthrax I'm the Man Maxi
Apollo Four Fourty Electro Glide In Blue CD 1997
Arcadia election day 7Si 1985
Archies sugar, sugar 7Si 1969
Arj Snoek Fruit Of The Loop CD 1997
Armstrong, Louis 20 Greatest Hits LP 1982
Armstrong, Louis hello dolly 7Si 1970
Armstrong, Louis what a wonderful world 7Si 1968
Armstrong, Louis when the saints go marching in 7Si 1954
Art Of Noise close (to the edit) 7Si 1984
Art Of Noise Close Up! Maxi 1984
Art of Noise In No Sense - Nonsense? LP
Art of Noise In Visible Silence LP
Art of Noise Legs Maxi
Art of Noise Paranoimia Maxi
Art of Noise Re-Works LP
Art of Noise Who is afraid? (of the Art of Noise) LP 1984
Art Of Noise yebo! 7Si 1989
Art Of Noise featuring Tom Jones kiss 7Si 1988
Ärzte der ritt auf dem schmetterling (geschwisterliebe live) 7Si 1988
Ärzte Die Bestie in Menschengestalt CD 1993
Ärzte Ein Song namens Schunder MXCD 1995
Ärzte Früher CD
Ärzte Geräusch CD 2004
Ärzte Intro; Geschwisterliebe; Allein in der Nacht; Jenseits von Eden 7Si 1985
Ärzte ist das alles? 7Si 1986
Ärzte Ist das alles? - Die Höhepunkte der ersten Jahre LP
Ärzte Live - Nach uns die Sintflut DOCD 1988
Ärzte Rock´n´Roll Realschule - Unplugged CD 2002
Ärzte Runter mit den Spendierhosen, Unsichtbarer CD 2000
Ärzte Wir wollen nur Deine Seele (Live) LP
Ärzte, Farin Urlaub Endlich Urlaub CD 2001
Asia Alpha LP 1983
Asia heat of the moment 7Si 1982
Asian Dub Foundation (ADF) Naxalite / Charge MXCD 1997
Astley, Rick hold me in your arms 7Si 1988
Atari Teenage Riot "1995" CD 1995
Atari Teenage Riot/ Alec Empire The Destroyer CD 1996
Atlantis Mi Amor 7Si 1986
Au Pairs Live in Berlin LP
Aznavour, Charles 40 Chansons D'or DOCD 1997
Aznavour, Charles Intégrale du Spectacle Aznavour DOCD 1993
Aztec Camera all i need is everything 7Si 1984
Aztec Camera Knife LP
Aztec Camera Somewhere in my Heart Maxi 1988
B-52's Cosmic Thing LP
B-52's Wild Planet LP 1980
Baby D (Everybody´s Got To Learn Sometime) I Need Your Loving MXCD 1995
Babylon Zoo The Boy with the X-ray eyes CD 1996
Baccara darling 7Si 1978
Baccara sorry, i´m a lady 7Si 1977
Baccara the devil sent you to lorado 7Si 1978
Bad Religion No Control LP
Badesalz Och jo LP
Ball, Joe Mammy Blue 7Si 1971
Banana Fishbones Come to sin MXCD 1998
Band Aid do they know it´s christmas? 7Si 1984
Bangles eternal flame 7Si 1989
Bangles walk like an egyptian 7Si 1985
BAP kristallnaach 7Si 1982
Barclay James Harvest Best of CD 1991
Basement Jaxx Rooty CD 2001
Basil, Toni mickey 7Si 1981
Bataan, Joe rap-o-clap-o 7Si 1979
Bauhaus Burning from the inside LP
Bauhaus Crackle – Best Of Bauhaus CD 1998
Bauhaus In the Flatfield LP
Bauhaus Kick in the eye 7Si 1982
Bauhaus Mask LP
Bauhaus Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape CD 1982
Bauhaus Press the Eject and give me the Tape LP
Bauhaus Singles 1981-1983 LP
Bauhaus Terror Couple Kill Colonel 7Si 1980
Bauhaus The Sky's gone out LP
Bauhaus / Peter Murphy Should the World fail to fall apart LP
Baxter, Blake A Decade Underground (Tresor.098: Globusmix vol. 2) CD 1998
Bay City Rollers you made me believe in magic 7Si 1977
Beach Boys All Time Greatest Hits DOLP 1974
Beach Boys god only knows 7Si
Beach Boys Surfin´ USA 7Si
Beach Boys The Beach Boys (music for pleasure collection) LP 1981
Beastie Boys Check your Head CD 1992
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty CD 1998
Beatles 1962-1966 LP
Beatles 1967-1970 LP
Beatles A Hard Day's Night LP
Beatles Abbey Road LP
Beatles all you need is love 7Si 1967
Beatles At the Hollywood Bowl LP
Beatles Beatles / White Album LP
Beatles do you want to know a secret 7Si 1964
Beatles from me to you 7Si 1963
Beatles Help! 7Si 1965
Beatles Help! LP
Beatles hey jude 7Si 1968
Beatles kansas city 7Si 1965
Beatles lady madonna 7Si 1968
Beatles ob-la-di, ob-la-da 7Si 1969
Beatles Revolver LP 1966
Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band LP
Beatles ticket to ride 7Si 1965
Beatles we can work it out 7Si 1965
Beatles With The Beatles LP 1967
Beatles / John Lennon Shaved Fish LP
Beatles / The Wings Wings Over America LP
Beck Mellow Gold LP
Beck Odelay CD 1996
Beck, Robin the first time 7Si 1988
Bee Gees i.o.i.o. 7Si 1970
Bee Gees love you inside out 7Si 1979
Bee Gees massachusets 7Si 1967
Bee Gees new york mining disaster 1941 7Si 1967
Bee Gees ordinary lives 7Si 1989
Bee Gees too much heaven 7Si 1978
Bee Gees world 7Si 1967
Bee Gees you win again 7Si 1987
Begemann, Bernd Live CD 2001
Beilhart Unterfrankens Antwort auf BSE CD 1997
Bellamy Brothers crossfire 7Si 1977
Beltane Fire Different Breed LP 1986
Beltane Fire fortune favours the brave 7Si 1985
Benatar, Pat love is a battlefield 7Si 1983
Bendix, Ralf babysitter boogie 7Si
Bennato, Eduardo rinnegato 7Si 1990
Bergen, Oliver Ich gewinne das Spiel 7Si 1984
Bering, Jonas Marine Maxi 2001
Berlin no more words 7Si 1984
Berlin take my breath away 7Si 1986
Better than Ezra How does your garden grow CD 1998
Bevis Frond Any Gas Faster CD 1990
Bevis Frond Any Gas Faster LP
Big Country One great Thing / Look away Maxi 1986
Birkin, Jane & Serge Gainsbourg je t´aime...mais non plus 7Si 1969
Björk Debut CD 1993
Björk Homogenic CD 1997
Björk Isobel MXCD 1995
Björk Play Dead MXCD 1993
Björk Post CD 1995
Black wonderful life 7Si 1987
Black Wonderful Life LP
Black Lace agadoo 7Si 1984
Black Sabbath Greatest Hits LP
Black Sabbath Paranoid LP
Blake Baxter The Vault CD 1995
Blanc Mange The Day before you came Maxi 1984
Blancmange blind vision 7Si 1983
Blancmange waves 7Si 1983
Bloc Party Silent Album CD 2005
Blondie Autoamerican LP
Blondie heart of glass 7Si 1978
Blondie sunday girl 7Si 1978
Blondie the tide is high 7Si 1980
Blood Brothers Honey & Blood LP
Bloodhound Gang Hooray for Boobies CD 1999
Bloodhound Gang One fierce beer coaster CD 1996
Blue Resistance CD 1995
Blue, Barry dancin´ (on a saturday night) 7Si 1973
Blues Brothers Briefcase full of Blues LP 1978
Blumfeld Ich-Maschine CD 1992
Blur Blur CD 1997
Body Count Born Dead MXCD 1994
Bohannon, Hamilton Disco Stomp 7Si 1973
Boney M. 32 Super Hits The Best of 10 Years LP
Boney M. Belfast 7Si 1977
Boney M. rasputin 7Si 1978
Boney M. Rivers Of Babylon 7Si 1978
Boney M. sunny 7Si
Boney M. The Greatest Hits CD 2005
Boo, Betty Boomania CD 1990
Boomtown Rats i don´t like monday 7Si 1979
Boomtown Rats up all night 7Si 1981
Boone, Daniel annabelle 7Si
Boone, Pat good rockin´ tonight 7Si
Boone, Pat love letters in the sand 7Si 1957
Boone, Pat speedy gonzales 7Si 1962
Boone, Pat sugar moon 7Si 1958
Borg, Andy Lass es mich ganz leise sagen 7Si 1985
Borg, Andy Schenk mir nur diese Nacht 7Si 1989
Bowie, David absolute beginners 7Si 1986
Bowie, David absolute beginners 7Si 1986
Bowie, David ashes to ashes 7Si 1980
Bowie, David Black Tie - White Noise Maxi
Bowie, David cat people (putting out the fire) 7Si 1982
Bowie, David Changesbowie CD 1990
Bowie, David china girl 7Si 1983
Bowie, David china girl 7Si 1983
Bowie, David Christiane F. CD 1979
Bowie, David Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo LP
Bowie, David Earthling CD 1997
Bowie, David fame ´90 (gass mix) 7Si 1990
Bowie, David First Outside, Version 2 CD 1996
Bowie, David Heathen CD 2002
Bowie, David Hours CD 1999
Bowie, David Hunky Dory CD 1990
Bowie, David let´s dance 7Si 1983
Bowie, David Let's Dance LP
Bowie, David Rock'n Roll Suicide LP
Bowie, David Scary Monsters LP
Bowie, David scary monsters and super creepers 7Si 1980
Bowie, David space oddity 7Si 1975
Bowie, David The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The .... LP
Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust CD 1972
Bowie, David and Mick Jagger dancing in the street 7Si 1985
Bowie, David and Pat Metheny Group this is not america 7Si 1985
Bowie, David and Pat Metheny Group this is not america 7Si 1985
Bran Van 3000 Glee CD 1998
Brel, Jacques Ne Me Quitte Pas (Brel 8) LP
Briskeby Propaganda MXCD
Bronski Beat it ain´t necessarily so 7Si 1984
Bronski Beat why? 7Si 1984
Bronski Beat & Marc Almond i feel love 7Si 1985
Bros when will i be famous? 7Si 1987
Brown, James The Best of James Brown LP
Bucketheads The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) MXCD 1995
Bucks Fizz making your mind up 7Si 1981
Budgie Nightflight LP
Bug, Steve/ Raw Elements Da Minimal Funk DOCD
Bug, Steve/ Raw Elements Da Minimal Funk 2 DOCD
Buggles The Age of Plastic LP
Buggles video killed the radio star 7Si 1979
Bush The Science of Things CD 1999
Bush, Kate cloudbusting 7Si 1985
Bush, Kate december will be magic again 7Si 1980
Bush, Kate experiment IV 7Si 1986
Bush, Kate Hounds of Love LP
Bush, Kate On Stage EP: Them Heavy People; Don´t Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake 7Si 1979
Bush, Kate running up that hill 7Si 1985
Bush, Kate The Kick inside LP
Bush, Kate The sensual World LP
Bush, Kate The Whole Story CD 1986
Bush, Kate wuthering heights 7Si 1978
Byrd, Gary and the GB Experience the crown part 1 7Si 1983
Byrds turn! turn! turn! 7Si
BZN rockin´ the trolls 7Si 1980
Cabaret Voltaire Code LP 1987
Cabaret Voltaire Keep on (Clubbing) Maxi
Cactus World News Urban Beaches LP
Cake Comfort Eagle CD 2001
Cake Fashion Nugget CD 1996
Cale, J.J. Cocaine 7Si 1976
Call Into the Woods LP
Cameo word up 7Si 1986
Camouflage love is a shield 7Si 1989
Camouflage the great commandment 7Si 1987
Canned Heat Original Canned Heat LP
Captain Sensible The Power of Love LP
Captain Sensible Women and Captains First LP
Cara, Irene flashdance...what a feeling 7Si 1983
Cardigans Lovefool MXCD 1997
Cars Greatest Hits LP
Cars hello again 7Si 1984
Cars tonight she comes 7Si 1985
Cars why can´t i have you 7Si 1985
Cash, Johnny Johnny Cash at San Quentin (Live) LP 1969
Cash, Jonny & June Carter jackson 7Si
Cat Stevens Mona Bone Jackon LP
Catatonia dead from the waist down 7Si 1999
Cats be my day 7Si 1974
Celentano, Adriano Azurro MXCD 1993
Cetera, Peter glory of love 7Si 1986
Chapman, Tracey baby i can hold me 7Si 1988
Chapman, Tracy Tracy Chapman LP
Cheap Trick i want you to want me 7Si 1979
Cheap Trick The greatest Hits CD 1991
Checker, Chubby let´s twist again 7Si
Checker, Chubby the hucklebuck 7Si
Chemical Brothers Come With Me CD 2002
Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust CD 1995
Chemical Brothers Get Yourself High (Promo Single) MXCD 2003
Chemical Brothers Push The Button CD 2005
Chemical Brothers Surrender CD 1999
Chic i want your love 7Si 1978
Chicago if you leave me now 7Si 1976
Chicago In the Heart of Chicago LP
Chicago IX LP
Chicago Live in Concert LP
Chicago stay the night 7Si 1984
Chicago XI LP
Chicago XVIII LP
China Crises What Price Paradise LP 1986
China Crises wishful thinking 7Si 1983
China Crisis Flound the Imperfection LP
Christie, Tony (is this the way to) amarillo 7Si
Christie, Tony Keep on dancin´ 7Si 1986
Christie, Tony train to yesterday 7Si 1980
Church Gold Afternoon Fix LP
Church Hindsight 1981->1985 LP
Church Starfish LP
Church/ Marty Willson-Piper Art Attack CD 1988
Cisco Kid I Like The Way You Move MXCD 1992
Clannad in a lifetime 7Si 1985
Clannad Pastpresent (The Best of Clanned) LP
Clapton, Eric Backtrackin´ DOLP 1984
Clark, Anne Changing Places LP
Clark, Anne Joined Up Writing LP 1984
Clark, Anne Sitting Room LP
Clark, Anne The Best of Anne Clark CD 1994
Clash Combat Rock LP
Clash London Calling LP
Clash The Story of the Clash DOCD 1988
Clawfinger Deaf dumb blind CD 1993
Cloud 9 You Got Me Burnin´ (Remix) Maxi 1993
Clout save me 7Si 1979
Cock Robin the promise you made 7Si 1985
Cockborn, Bruce call it democracy 7Si 1986
Cocker, Joe Cocker Happy LP
Cocker, Joe Sheffield Steel LP
Cocker, Joe Starportrait LP
Cocker, Joe up where we belong 7Si
Cocteau Twins Love´s Easy Tears Maxi 1986
Cohen, Leonard Greatest Hits LP 1975
Coldplay Parachutes CD 2000
Coldplay X&Y CD 2005
Collins, Phil against all odds (take a look at me now) 7Si 1984
Collins, Phil i missed again 7Si 1981
Collins, Phil in the air tonight (´88 remix) 7Si 1988
Collins, Phil thru´ these walls 7Si 1982
Collins, Phil two hearts 7Si 1988
Collins, Phil you can´t hurry love 7Si 1982
Colonel Bogey the river kwai march 7Si
Colourfield thinking of you 7Si 1985
Communards Communards LP
Communards don´t leave me this way 7Si 1986
Communards never can say goodbye 7Si 1987
Consolidated Play more music LP
Cooper, Alice school´s out 7Si 1972
Cope, Julian charlotte anne 7Si 1988
Cope, Julian East Easy Rider (EP) Maxi
Corey, Al square rooms 7Si 1984
Costello, Elvis Almost Blue LP 1981
Costello, Elvis Blood & Chocolate LP
Costello, Elvis Spike LP
Cranberries Zombie MXCD 1994
Crash Test Dummies God shuffled his feet CD 1993
Crass Penis envy LP
Crass The Feeding of the Fivethousand LP
Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River 7Si
Creedence Clearwater Revival have you ever seen the rain 7Si 1971
Crimson King In Court of the Crimson King LP
Croce, Jim Photographs and Memories LP
Crosby, Bing white christmas 7Si 1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Four Way Street LP
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young / Neil Young Harvest LP
Cross cowboys and indians 7Si 1987
Cross heaven for everyone 7Si 1988
Cross manipulator 7Si 1988
Cross new dark ages 7Si 1991
Cross shove it! 7Si 1988
Crowded House Crowded House CD 1987
Crowded House don´t dream it´s over 7Si
Crowded House Instinct MXCD 1996
Crowded House Woodface LP
Crowded House / Tim Finn Tim Finn LP
Culture Club church of the poisoned mind 7Si 1983
Culture Club do you really want to hurt me? 7Si 1982
Culture Club This Time LP
Cure 17 Seconds LP
Cure Boys Don´t Cry (New Voice - Club Mix) Maxi 1986
Cure boys don´t cry (new voices and mix) 7Si 1986
Cure Boys don't cry LP
Cure charlotte sometimes 7Si 1981
Cure Close to me Maxi 1985
Cure Close to me - Rmx MXCD 1990
Cure Concert - The Cure Live CD 1984
Cure Entreat - Live CD 1990
Cure Friday I'm in Love Maxi 1992
Cure Galore - The Hitsingles 1987-97 CD 1997
Cure in between days 7Si 1985
Cure Japanese Whispers LP 1983
Cure Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me DOLP 1987
Cure lullaby 7Si 1989
Cure never enough 7Si 1990
Cure Paris DOCD 1993
Cure pictures of you 7Si 1990
Cure Pornography LP 1982
Cure Show DOCD 1993
Cure Standing on a Beach LP
Cure Staring at the See - The Singles CD 1986
Cure The Head on the Door LP
Cutting Crew (i just) died in your arms 7Si 1986
Cutting Crew one for the mocking bird 7Si 1987
Cuttng Crew Broadcast LP
Cypress Hill Black Sunday CD 1993
D:Ream Things Can Only Get Better Maxi 1994
Daft Punk Discovery CD 2001
Daft Punk Homework CD 1996
Damned eloise 7Si 1986
Danzig Not of this World CD 1987
Darin, Bobby The Bobby Darin Collection CD
Dario G. Carneval de Paris MXCD 1998
Dave Brubeck Quartett Dave Brubeck Quartett At Carnegie Hall LP
Davis, Richard Details CD 2005
de Burgh, Chris don´t pay the ferryman 7Si 1982
de Burgh, Chris missing you 7Si 1988
De Burgh, Chris The Getaway LP
De la Soul Stakes is High MXCD 1996
De/Vision Monosex CD 1998
Dead End Kids have i the right 7Si 1977
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables CD 1980
Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery Disasters / In God we Trust, Inc. CD 1982
Dead Or Alive you spin me round 7Si 1984
Dead or Alive You spin me round Maxi
Death In Vegas Dead Elvis CD 1997
Dee Jay Gloria 7Si 1978
Deee-Lite World Clique CD 1990
Deep Blue Something Breakfast at Tiffany's MXCD 1996
Deep Purple Deep Purple LP
Deep Purple Made in Japan LP
Del Amitri Hatful of Rain (Best of) CD 1998
Del Amitri Waking Hours LP
Del Fuegos Smoking in the Fields LP
Del the funky homosapien I wish my brother George was here CD 1991
Del the funky homosapien No need for Alarm CD 1993
Denver, John i´m sorry 7Si 1975
Denver, John thank god i´m a countryboy 7Si
Depeche Mode A broken Frame CD 1982
Depeche Mode A broken Frame LP 1982
Depeche Mode A Question of Lust Maxi 1986
Depeche Mode A Question of Lust (Special Edition) Maxi 1986
Depeche Mode A Question of Time (Special Edition) Maxi 1986
Depeche Mode Barrel of a Gun MXCD 1997
Depeche Mode Basphemous Rumors Maxi 1984
Depeche Mode Behind the Wheel MXCD 1988
Depeche Mode Black Celebration CD 1986
Depeche Mode Black Celebration LP 1986
Depeche Mode Cologne 6.10.1998 - Live DOCD 1998
Depeche Mode Condemnation MXCD 1993
Depeche Mode Construction time again CD 1983
Depeche Mode Construction time again LP 1983
Depeche Mode Dream On MXCD 2001
Depeche Mode Dream On (Special Edition) MXCD 2001
Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence MXCD 1990
Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence (Special Edition) Maxi 1990
Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence (Special Edition) Maxi 1990
Depeche Mode Everything Counts (Live 1988) Maxi 1988
Depeche Mode Everything Counts (Mini-Album) LP 1983
Depeche Mode Exiter CD 2001
Depeche Mode Freelove MXCD 2001
Depeche Mode Get the Balance right Maxi 1983
Depeche Mode Get the Balance right (Mini-Album) LP 1983
Depeche Mode I feel you MXCD 1993
Depeche Mode In Your Room MXCD 1993
Depeche Mode It´s No Good 7Si 1997
Depeche Mode It's called a Heart (Special Edition) MxDo 1985
Depeche Mode It's no good MXCD 1997
Depeche Mode Leave In Silence 7Si 1982
Depeche Mode Little 15 Maxi 1987
Depeche Mode Live - 101 LP 1988
Depeche Mode Live 20.01.2006 Duesseldorf DOCD 2006
Depeche Mode Live in Anaheim 2005 (Video) DVD 2006
Depeche Mode Live in Cologne 1998 (MTV-Mitschnitt) DVD 1998
Depeche Mode Love in itself (Mini-Album) LP 1983
Depeche Mode love in itself *2 7Si 1983
Depeche Mode Martin L. Gore - Remixes Vol. 2 by Speedy Jay CD 1993
Depeche Mode Master & Servant Maxi 1984
Depeche Mode Master & Servant (Special Edition) Maxi 1984
Depeche Mode Music for the Masses CD 1987
Depeche Mode Music for the Masses LP 1987
Depeche Mode Never let me down again Maxi 1987
Depeche Mode Never let me down again MXCD 1987
Depeche Mode Never let me down again (Special Edition) Maxi 1987
Depeche Mode Only when I loose myself MXCD 1998
Depeche Mode People are People (Special Edition) Maxi 1984
Depeche Mode People are People (US-Version) CD 1984
Depeche Mode Personal Jesus Maxi 1989
Depeche Mode Personal Jesus (Special Edition) Maxi 1989
Depeche Mode Playing The Angels CD 2005
Depeche Mode policy of truth 7Si 1990
Depeche Mode Policy of truth Maxi 1990
Depeche Mode See You 7Si 1982
Depeche Mode Shake the Desease - Edit the Shake Maxi 1985
Depeche Mode shake the disease 7Si 1985
Depeche Mode shake the disease 7Si 1985
Depeche Mode Some Great Reward CD 1984
Depeche Mode Some great reward LP 1984
Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion CD 1993
Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion LP 1993
Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion Live LP 1993
Depeche Mode Speak and Spell (2. Fassung mit Bonussongs) CD 1981
Depeche Mode Strange Love (Special Edition) Maxi 1987
Depeche Mode strangelove 7Si 1987
Depeche Mode Stripped Maxi 1986
Depeche Mode The Singles 1981-1985 LP 1985
Depeche Mode The Singles 1986-1998 3LP 1998
Depeche Mode The Singles 81 - 85 CD 1985
Depeche Mode The Singles 86 - 98 DOCD 1998
Depeche Mode Touring The Angel 2006 (20.01.2006 Duesseldorf) DOCD 2006
Depeche Mode Ultra CD 1997
Depeche Mode Useless MXCD 1997
Depeche Mode Useless (Special Edition MXCD) MXCD 1997
Depeche Mode Violator CD 1990
Depeche Mode Violator LP 1990
Depeche Mode Walking in my Shoes MXCD 1993
Depeche Mode world in my eyes 7Si 1990
Depeche Mode/ Martin L. Gore Stardust MXCD 2003
Deruyter, Yves Outsiders MXCD 1995
Desireless voyage, voyage 7Si 1985
Destroyer Gabba For Hardcore Movin´ CD 1994
Deus My Sister is = my Clock CD 1995
dEUS Pocket Revolution CD 2005
Deus Worst Case Scenario CD 1994
Deutscher, Drafi marmor, stein und eisen bricht 7Si
Devo Are we not men? LP
Dexys Midnight Runners because of you 7Si 1986
Dexys Midnight Runners come on eileen 7Si 1982
Dexys Midnight Runners come on eileen 7Si 1982
Dexys Midnight Runners Don't stand me down LP 1985
Dexys Midnight Runners Geno LP 1981
Dexys Midnight Runners jackie wilson said (i´m in heaven when you smile) 7Si 1982
Dexys Midnight Runners Let's get this straight from the start Maxi 1982
Dexys Midnight Runners liars a to e 7Si 1981
Dexys Midnight Runners Master Series CD 1996
Dexys Midnight Runners Searching for the young soul rebels LP 1980
Dexys Midnight Runners show me 7Si 1981
Dexys Midnight Runners The Celtic Soul Brothers 7Si 1982
Dexys Midnight Runners the celtic soul brothers (more, please and thank you) 7Si 1983
Dexys Midnight Runners this is what she´s like 7Si 1985
Dexys Midnight Runners Too-rye-ay LP 1982
Dexys Midnight Runners Too-Rye-Ay (Special Edition mit Bonus Songs) CD 1983
Dexys Midnight Runners Very Best of Dexys Midnight Runners LP 1993
Diamond, Neil primitive 7Si 1984
Diamond, Neil walk on water 7Si 1972
Diesel Christ Diesel Mode (A Tribute to the Masses) CD 1993
Dinosaur Jr. Bug LP
Dire Straits Alchemy - Dire Straits Live DOLP 1984
Dire Straits Brothers in Arms LP
Dire Straits Dire Straits LP
Dire Straits Making Movies LP
Dire Straits Money for Nothing LP
Dire Straits twisting by the pool 7Si 1982
Dizzy Man´s Band the opera 7Si 1975
DNA and Suzanne Vega tom´s diner 7Si 1990
Doctor & The Medics spirit in the sky 7Si 1986
Doctor RockIt The Music Of Sound CD 1996
Dolce, Joe shaddap you face 7Si 1981
Dolce, Joe shaddap you face 7Si 1981
Doomsday Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. CD 1994
Doors Absolutely live LP
Doors Greatest Hits LP
Doors Morrison Hotel LP
Doors The Alabama Song CD 1997
Doors The Best of The Doors LP
Doors Waiting for the sun LP
Douglas, Carl kung fu fighting 7Si 1974
Dr. Hook sexy eyes 7Si 1979
Dr. Walker & M. Flux Cockblockin Beatz (remixed by Computerjockeys) MXCD 1998
Drifters save the last dance for me 7Si 1960
Drones can´t see 7Si 1980
Dschinghis Khan Dschinghis Khan 7Si 1979
Duran Duran Arena (live) LP
Duran Duran Decade (The Greatest Hits) CD 1989
Duran Duran New Moon on Monday Maxi
Duran Duran Notorious LP
Duran Duran Ordinary World MXCD 1993
Duran Duran save a prayer 7Si 1985
Duran Duran the reflex 7Si 1984
Duran Duran the wild boys 7Si 1984
Duran Duran The Wild Boys Maxi 1984
Duran Duran union of the snake 7Si 1983
Duran Duran Thank You CD 1995
Dury, Baxter Len Parrot´s Memorial Lift LP 2002
Duval, Frank what a day 7Si 1984
Dylan, Bob blowing in the wind 7Si
Dylan, Bob and the Band Before the Flood LP
Eagles hotel california 7Si 1976
Eagles Hotel California LP
Eagles Their greatest Hits 1971-1975 LP
Earth and Fire Weekend 7Si 1979
Earth Wind & Fire Best of Vol. 1 LP
Earth, Wind And Fire getaway 7Si 1976
Easton, Sheena 9 to 5 7Si 1980
Ebstein, Katja Das Glück hat viele Namen 7Si 1973
Echo And The Bunnymen Songs To Learn And Sing LP 1985
Eddie Brickell & The New Bohemians Host of a Dog LP
Eddie Brickell & The New Bohemians Shooting rubber bands at the stars LP
Eddy, Duane peter gunn 7Si
Eels Your lucky Day in Hell MXCD 1997
Einstürzende Neubauten 1/2 Mensch LP 1986
Einstürzende Neubauten 80-83 Strategien gegen Architekturen CD 1988
Einstürzende Neubauten Ende Neu CD 1996
Einstürzende Neubauten Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala LP
Einstürzende Neubauten Haus der Lüge LP
Einstürzende Neubauten Kollaps LP 1981
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) don´t bring me down 7Si
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) hold on tight 7Si 1981
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) i´m alive 7Si
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) twilight 7Si 1981
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) & Olivia Newton John xanadu 7Si 1980
Electronic disappointed 7Si 1992
Element of Crime Element of Crime 1985 - 1990 CD 2002
Element of Crime Freedom, Love and Happiness LP
Element of Crime Try to be Mensch LP
Eloy Inside Eloy LP
Eminem Encore CD 2004
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP CD 2000
Eminem Without me MXCD
Engelbert the last waltz 7Si 1973
Engelbert three little words (i love you) 7Si
Enja orinoco flow (sail away) 7Si 1988
Erasure carckers international: stop!; the hardest part 7Si 1988
Erasure chains of love 7Si 1988
Erasure oh l´amour 7Si 1986
Erasure ship of fools 7Si 1988
Erasure Ship of Fools Maxi
Erasure The Circus LP 1987
Erasure The Innocents LP
Erasure Wild CD 1989
Erasure Wonderland CD 1987
Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung Geld oder Leben LP
Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV) der alpen-rap 7Si 1983
Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (EAV) heisse nächte (in palermo) 7Si 1986
Eruption i can´t stand the rain 7Si 1977
Etheridge, Melissa bring me some water 7Si
Etienne De Crecy Tempovision CD 2000
Eurythmics Be Yourself tonight LP
Eurythmics Love Is A Stranger 7Si 1982
Eurythmics Revenge LP
Eurythmics sexcrime (1984) 7Si 1984
Eurythmics sweet dreams (are made of this) 7Si 1983
Eurythmics when tomorrow comes 7Si 1986
Everlast Eat at Whitey's CD 2000
Everything but the Girl Amplified Heart CD 1994
Exile how could this go wrong 7Si 1979
Exploited Totally Exploited LP
Extrabreit Flieger, grüß mir die Sonne (best of...) CD 1999
Extrabreit flieger, grüß mir die sonne (remix 90) 7Si 1990
Fairground Attraction perfect 7Si 1988
Faith No More Angel Dust (New Version) CD 1992
Faith No More Digging the Grave MXCD 1995
Faith No More i´m easy 7Si 1992
Faith no more Live at the Brixton Academy LP
Faith No More The Real Thing CD 1989
Faith No More We care a lot / I Started A Joke MXCD 1998
Faithless Outrospective CD 2001
Faithless Sunday 8 P.M. CD 1998
Fajerman, Joel la aventura de la plantes (flower´s love) 7Si 1983
Falco der kommissar 7Si 1981
Falco Rock Me Amadeus 7Si 1985
Fall 458489 A-Sides LP
Fall Bend Sinister LP
Fall bremen nacht run out 7Si 1988
Fall Hip Priest and Kamerads LP
Fall I'm kurios oranj LP
Fall Nord-West Gas LP
Fall Seminal Live LP
Fall The frenz experiment LP
Fantastischen Vier Unplugged Live CD 2000
Farm all together now 7Si 1990
Farnham, John you´re the voice 7Si 1986
Farnham, John Your the voice Maxi 1986
Fatboy Slim Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars CD 2000
Fatboy Slim On The Floor At The Bootique (Mixed by Fatboy Slim) CD 1998
Fehlfarben Monarchie & Alltag LP
Feliciano, Jose Paso la vida pensando 7Si 1983
Fernandez, Luisa give love a second chance 7Si 1978
Ferrari sweet love 7Si 1976
Ferry Aid let it be 7Si 1987
Fettes Brot Am Wasser Gebaut CD 2005
Fettes Brot Am Wasser Gebaut DOLP 2005
Fettes Brot Emanuela MXCD 2005
Fettes Brot Schwule Mädchen MXCD 2001
Fiction Factory (feels like) heaven 7Si 1983
Fiction Factory (feels like) Heaven Maxi 1983
Fiction Factory Another Story LP
Fiction Factory ghost of love 7Si 1984
Fiction Factory Not the only one Maxi
Fiction Factory The Ghost Of Love Maxi 1983
Fiction Factory Throw the warped wheel out LP 1984
Fierek, Wolfgang I mach für Di a Gartenfest 7Si 1986
Filter Title of Record CD 1999
Fine Young Cannibals i´m not the man i used to be 7Si 1989
Fine Young Cannibals johnny come home 7Si 1985
Fine Young Cannibals suspicious minds 7Si 1985
Fine Young Cannibals The Raw and the Cooked LP
Fine Young Cannibals The Raw and the Remix LP
Fischer-Z Red Skies over Paradise LP
Fish and Tony Banks short cut to somewhere 7Si 1986
Fix & Fertig der blonde hans der bundesbahn 7Si 1988
Fixx Phantomes LP
Flash And The Pan ayla 7Si 1987
Flash And The Pan midnight man 7Si 1985
Fleetwood Mac big love 7Si 1987
Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night LP
Fleetwood Mac tusk 7Si 1979
Fleetwood Mac Tusk DOLP 1979
Flippers Angelika 7Si 1984
Flippers die rote sonne von barbados 7Si 1986
Flirts passion 7Si 1982
Flying Pickets only you 7Si 1983
Flytronix Archive DOCD 1998
Foo Fighters The Colour and the Shape CD 1997
Foo Fighters There Is Nothing Left To Lose CD 1999
Fool's Garden Dish of the Day CD 1995
Football: Liverpool and Forest - Hillsborough ferry ´cross the mersey 7Si 1989
Foreigner Foreigner 4 LP
Foreigner i want to know what love is 7Si 1984
Foreigner juke box hero 7Si
Foreigner that was yesterday 7Si 1984
Four non Blondes What's up MXCD 1993
Fox, Samantha i´m all you need 7Si 1986
Frankie goes to Hollywood Bang! LP
Frankie goes to Hollywood Liverpool LP
Frankie goes to Hollywood Relax Maxi
Frankie Goes To Hollywood relax (suck it) 7Si 1984
Frankie Goes To Hollywood welcome to the pleasuredome 7Si 1984
Frankie goes to Hollywood Welcome to the Pleasuredome CD 1984
Frankie goes to Hollywood Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Nalin & Kane Remix) Maxi 2000
Franklin, Aretha and George Michael I knew you were waiting (for me) 7Si 1986
Freestylers We Rock Hard CD 1998
Frida i know there´s something going on 7Si 1982
Frumpy Frumpy II CD 1976
Fugazi Fugazi LP
Fugazi Margin Walker LP
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Brilliant Thieves CD 1997
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Cut myself into pieces Maxi 1991
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Dead and Gone MXCD 1994
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Fury in the Slaughterhouse LP
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Hook a hey LP
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Jau! CD 1990
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Mono CD 1993
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Rain will fall MXCD 1990
Fury in the Slaughterhouse The Hearing and the Sense of Balance CD 1995
Fury in the Slaughterhouse Trapped today trapped tomorrow Maxi 1991
Gabriel, Gunter Da kannst Du Wackeln mit dem Po 7Si 1980
Gabriel, Gunter Willy Klein, Der Fernsehmann 7Si 1976
Gabriel, Peter games without frontiers 7Si 1980
Gabriel, Peter Peter Gabriel 1 LP
Gabriel, Peter Peter Gabriel 3 LP
Gabriel, Peter Play live LP
Gabriel, Peter red rain 7Si 1987
Gabriel, Peter sledgehammer 7Si 1986
Gabriel, Peter So LP
Gabriel, Peter solsbury hill 7Si 1977
Gabriel, Peter Us LP
Gadget, Fad Collapsing New People MXCD 2003
Gallagher, Rory Irish Tour 1974 LP
Garbage Beautiful Garbage CD 2001
Garbage Bleed Like Me CD 2005
Garbage Complete Garbage - B-Sides & Remixes CD 1996
Garbage Garbage CD 1995
Garbage Milk MXCD 1996
Garbage Push it MXCD 1998
Garbage The World is not enough MXCD 1998
Garbage Version 2.0 CD 1998
Garbage, Angelfish Angelfish CD 1994
Garcia, Scott Uptempo The Sound of Speed Garage CD 1998
Gaye, Marvin Sexual healing 7Si 1982
Gaynor, Gloria i will survive 7Si 1979
Geier Sturzflug bruttosozialprodukt 7Si 1982
Geldof, Bob the great song of indifference 7Si 1990
Geldof, Bob This is the World calling Maxi 1986
Genesis And then there were three LP
Genesis follow you follow me 7Si 1978
Genesis Foxtrott LP
Genesis Genesis LP
Genesis invisible touch 7Si 1986
Genesis Invisible Touch LP
Genesis land of confusion 7Si 1986
Genesis Live - The Way We Walk Vol. 2: The Longs CD 1993
Genesis no son of mine 7Si 1991
Genesis Seconds Out LP
Genesis Seconds Out (Jörg) LP
Genesis Selling England by the Pound LP 1973
Genesis The Lamb lies down on Broadway LP
Genesis The way we walk - live Vol. 1 LP
Genesis throwing it all away 7Si 1987
Genesis Turn it on again LP
Genesis / Phil Collins Hello, I must be going LP
Gerdshow Eddie und Gerd: Ein Kanzler und ein Halber CD 2002
Gerry & The Pacemaker you´ll never walk alone 7Si 1963
Gerry and the Pacemakers The Best of Gerry and The Pacemakers: The definitive Collection CD 1991
Gibb, Robin boys do fall in love 7Si 1984
Gibb, Robin saved by the bell 7Si 1969
Gibson Brothers latin america (part 1) 7Si 1980
Gilbert, John no charge 7Si 1976
Gipsy Kings Gipsy Kings LP
Gitte Von Hollywood Träumen 7Si 1978
Glitter, Gary i´m the leader of the gang (i am) 7Si 1973
Go West Go West LP
God My Pal Maxi
Godewind Regenbogenkinder 7Si
Godfathers Birth School Work Death LP
Godfathers Unreal World CD 1991
Goggi, Loretta maledetta primavera 7Si 1981
Goldene Zitronen Porsche Genscher Hallo HSV LP
Goldfrapp Felt Mountain CD 2000
Goombay Dance Band Aloha-oe, until we meet again 7Si 1980
Goombay Dance Band seven tears 7Si 1981
Gorillaz G-Sides (Japan Import) CD 2000
Gorillaz Gorillaz CD 2000
Gotcha Naked MXCD 1993
Gräff, Willi popcorn 7Si 1973
Granata, Rocco marina 7Si
Grant, Earl (at) the end (of a rainbow) 7Si 1959
Grant, Eddy electric avenue 7Si 1983
Grant, Eddy i don´t wanna dance 7Si 1982
Grauzone Eisbär 7Si 1981
Green Day Dookie CD 1994
Greenbaum, Norman spirit in the sky 7Si 1970
Grönemeyer, Herbert männer 7Si 1984
Grönemeyer, Herbert was soll das? 7Si 1988
Grötus Handjob MXCD 1995
Grötus Luddite MXCD 1993
Grötus Mass CD 1996
Guano Apes Don't Give Me Names CD 2000
Guano Apes Open Your Eyes MXCD 1997
Guano Apes Planet of The Apes: Best of The Guano Apes (Limited Ed.) DOCD 2004
Guano Apes Proud like a God CD 1997
Guano Apes Proud like a God LP
Guano Apes Walking On A Thin Line (Limited Cloth-Bound Edition) CD 2003
Gun Swagger CD 1994
Guns 'n Roses November Rain MXCD 1992
Guns 'n Roses The Spaghetti Incident? CD 1993
Guru Jazzmatazz LP
Hagen, Nina hold me 7Si 1989
Hagen, Nina new york/n.y. 7Si 1983
Hair aquarius 7Si
Haley, Bill and His Comets rock around the clock 7Si
Haley, Bill and His Comets rock around the clock 7Si 1955
Haley, Bill and the Comets Rock around the Clock live LP
Haley, Bill and the Comets The Original Bill Haley LP
Hall & Oates H2O LP 1982
Hall & Oates maneater 7Si 1982
Hamilton, Lesley no hollywood movie 7Si 1978
Happy Mondays Pills n Thrills and Bellyaches LP 1990
Harpo movie star 7Si
Harris, Emmylou mister sandman 7Si 1981
Harrison, George got my mind set on you 7Si 1987
Harrison, George my sweet lord 7Si
Hart, Corey First offense LP
Hartcastle, Paul Nineteen (19) - The last story Maxi 1985
Hawkins, Sophie B. Damn I wish I was your Lover MXCD 1992
Hawkwind silver machine 7Si 1972
Hawkwind silver machine (live) 7Si 1972
Hawtin, Richie Decks, EFX & 909 CD 1999
Haysi Fantayzee hey joe 7Si 1982
Haysi Fantayzee john wayne is big leggy 7Si 1982
Haysi Fantayzee shiny shiny 7Si 1983
Haysi Fantayzee sister friction 7Si 1983
Haysi Fantayzee Battle Hymns for children singing LP
Head, Murray One Night in Bangkog 7Si 1984
Headless Chickens Headless Chickens CD 1994
Headless Chickens Headless Chickens LP
Headless Chickens Stunt Clown LP
Headswim Flood LP
Headswim Tense Moments LP
Heart never 7Si 1985
Heart what about love? 7Si 1985
Heaven 17 Pleasure One LP 1986
Heaven 17 temptation 7Si 1983
Heaven 17 the ballad of go go brown 7Si 1988
Heaven 17 The luxury gap LP
Heaven 17 Trouble Maxi
Heaven 17 (B.E.F.) Music of Quality and Distinction Vol. One LP 1982
Heeresmusikkorps 12 Veitshöchheim du, mein herrliches würzburg 7Si
Heintje deine tränen sind auch meine 7Si
Heintje Ich sing´ ein Lied für Dich 7Si
Helmet Meantime CD 1992
Hendrix, Jimi Hard LP
Hernandez, Patrick Born To Be Alive 7Si 1979
Heroes del Silencio Entre dos tierras MXCD 1992
Heroes del Silencio Senderos de Traicion CD 1990
Hodgson, Roger had a dream 7Si 1984
Hodgson, Roger in jeopardy 7Si 1985
Höhner Die Karawane zieht weiter MXCD
Hollies sandy (4th july, asbury park) 7Si 1975
Hollies stop in the name of love 7Si 1983
Hollies the baby 7Si 1972
Hollies write on 7Si 1975
Hollywood Beyond what´s the colour of money? 7Si 1986
Honeydrippers sea of love 7Si 1984
Honeydrippers sea of love 7Si 1984
Hooters And we danced Maxi 1985
Hooters Nervous Night LP
Hooters One Way Home LP
Hooters Zigzag CD 1989
Hootie & the Blowfish Cracked Rear View (US-Import) CD 1994
Hornsby, Bruce the way it is 7Si 1986
Hot Chocolate put your love in me 7Si 1977
Hot Chocolate you sexy thing 7Si
Hothouse Flowers don´t go 7Si 1988
Hothouse Flowers love don´t work this way 7Si 1987
Housemartins caravan of love 7Si 1986
Housemartins five get over excited 7Si 1987
Housemartins Now that's what I call quite good LP
Housemartins sheep 7Si 1986
Housemartins think for a minute (new version) 7Si 1986
Houston, Whitney one moment in time 7Si 1988
Houston, Whitney saving all my love for you 7Si
Huff & Herb Feeling Good MXCD 1997
Hugo Race & the True Spirit Valley of Light CD 1995
Hugo Race & the True Spirit Wet Dream CD 1996
Human League being boiled (electronically yours) 7Si 1987
Human League being boiled (fast product) 7Si 1978
Human League Crash LP 1986
Human League Dare LP
Human League don´t you want me 7Si 1981
Human League Fascination LP
Human League heart like a wheel 7Si 1990
Human League Hysteria LP
Human League Love and Dance LP
Human League Reproduction LP 1979
Human League Travelogue LP
Hüsker Dü Everything Falls Apart And More CD 1993
I-F Fucking Consumer CD 1998
Ian Dury & the Blockheads Do it Yourself LP
Icehouse Fresco LP
Icehouse Great Southern Land LP
Icehouse hey little girl 7Si 1982
Icehouse Hey Little Girl 1997 Remixes Maxi
Icehouse Icehouse LP
Icehouse Men of Colours LP
Icehouse Mesures for Mesures LP
Icehouse mr. big 7Si 1986
Icehouse Primitive Man LP
Icehouse Sidewalk LP
Icehouse Spin One MXCD 1993
Icehouse street café 7Si 1983
Icehouse Taking the Town Maxi
Icicle Works If you want to defeat your enemy, sing his song LP
Ideal Bi Null LP 1982
Ideal Der Ernst des Lebens LP
Ideal Ideal LP
Ideal keine heimat 7Si 1982
Ideal Monotonie 7Si 1982
Idol, Billy eyes without a face 7Si 1984
Idol, Billy Idol Songs - 11 of the Best CD 1988
Idol, Billy Vital Idol LP
Iggy Pop Lust for Life CD 1990
Iggy Pop Lust for Life LP
Iggy Pop New Values LP
Iggy Pop Soldier LP
Iggy Pop The Idiot LP 1977
Iggy Pop & The Stooges Head on DOCD 1997
Iggy Pop & the Stooges I got a right LP
Iggy Pop & the Stooges I'm sick of you LP
Iggy Pop & the Stooges Raw Power LP
In Tua Nua All I Wanted MXCD 1988
In Tua Nua Seven into the sea Maxi 1986
In Tua Nua Somebody to love Maxi 1985
In Tua Nua Take my Hand Maxi 1984
INXS By my Side MXCD 1991
INXS devil inside 7Si 1988
INXS Elegantly Wasted CD 1997
INXS Elegantly Wasted MXCD 1997
Inxs Elegantly wasted (promo) Maxi
INXS Full Moon, Dirty Hearts CD 1993
Inxs Inxsive LP
Inxs Kick LP
INXS kiss the dirt (falling down the mountain) 7Si 1986
Inxs Listen like Thieves LP 1985
Inxs Live Baby Live LP
INXS Live USA CD 1988
INXS need you tonight 7Si 1987
INXS need you tonight 7Si 1987
Inxs Need you tonight (US-Version) Maxi 1988
INXS Never Tear us apart MXCD 1987
INXS new sensation 7Si 1988
INXS Original Sin 7Si 1982
Inxs Please Maxi 1993
INXS Shabooh Shoobah CD 1983
Inxs Shabooh Shoobah LP
INXS The Gift (Promo-CD) MXCD 1993
INXS The Greatest Hits - All juiced up DOCD 1994
INXS The Strangest Party (These are The Days) MXCD 1994
INXS The Swing CD 1984
Inxs Underneath the colours LP
INXS Welcome to whereever you are CD 1992
Inxs Welcome to wherever you are LP
INXS X CD 1990
INXS/ Max Q Max Q CD 1989
Iron Butterfly In-a-gadda-da-vida LP
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden LP
It Bites Calling all the Heroes Maxi 1986
It Bites Once around the World LP
J. Geils Band centerfold 7Si 1981
J. Geils Band centerfold 7Si 1981
J.B.O. Explizite Lyrik CD 1996
J.B.O. Ich sag J.B.O. MXCD 2000
J.B.O. Laut! CD 1997
J.B.O. Meister der Musik CD 1998
J.J. Cale Naturally...J.J. Cale LP 1972
Jackson, Joe Jumpin' Jive LP
Jackson, Joe Live 1980-1986 LP
Jackson, Joe Look Sharp LP
Jackson, Michael Thriller CD 1982
Jackson, Michael Thriller LP
Jakschtat, Bernhard und die Seelrods De Hamborger Veermaster 7Si
Jam Snap LP
Jam town called malice 7Si 1982
James Sit down Maxi 1991
Japan Gentlemen Take Polaroids LP
Japan Quiet Life LP
Japan / David Sylvian Brilliant Trees LP
Japan / David Sylvian Secrets of the Beehive LP
Jarre, Maurice lara´s theme (schiwago meldoy) 7Si 1966
Jefferson Airplane The Worst of Jefferson Airplane LP
Jeremy Days Jeremy Days LP
Jesus & Mary Chain Dark Lands LP
Jesus & Mary Chain Psychocandy LP
Jesus & The Mary Chain Sidewalking MXCD 1988
Jethro Tull A Passion Play LP
Jethro Tull M. U. Best of LP
Joel, Billy Glashouse LP
Joel, Billy Greatest Hits Vol. 1 + 2 LP
Joel, Billy I go to extremes Maxi 1989
Joel, Billy Piano Man LP 1973
Joel, Billy Songs in the Attic LP
Joel, Billy Songs in the Attic (Original Fassung) LP
Joel, Billy Stormfront LP
Joel, Billy tell her about it 7Si 1983
Joel, Billy the longest time 7Si 1984
Joel, Billy the river of dreams 7Si 1993
Johann Strauss Fledermaus-Quadrille Tour I-III 7Si 1979
John, Elton Collection 3LP 1980
John, Elton Greatest Hits LP 1974
John, Elton i guess that´s why they call it the blues 7Si 1983
Jones, Grace Island Life LP
Jones, Howard Dream into action LP
Jones, Howard The 12 " album LP
Jones, Tom green, green grass of home 7Si
Jones, Tom looking out of my window 7Si
Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart 7Si 1980
Junkie XL Saturday Teenage Kick CD 1997
Jürgens, Udo Alles im Griff (auf dem sinkenden Schiff) 7Si
Jürgens, Udo morgen bist du nicht mehr allein 7Si
K C & Sunshine Band K C 10 LP
Kah, Hubert rosemarie 7Si 1982
Kah, Hubert sternenhimmel 7Si 1982
Kajagoogoo big apple 7Si 1983
Kajagoogoo too shy 7Si 1983
Kajagoogoo turn your back on me 7Si 1984
Kajagoogoo White Feathers LP
Keferloher Blasmusik bayern-hymne (das lied der bayern) 7Si
Kelly Family david´s song (who´ll come with me) 7Si 1981
Kenny hot lips 7Si 1976
Kenny reach out (i´ll be there) 7Si 1979
Kerkeling, Harpe hurz 7Si 1992
Kershaw, Nik Human Racing LP
Kershaw, Nik Radio Musicola LP
Kershaw, Nik The Riddle LP
Kershaw, Nik When a Heart Beats Maxi
Khan 1-900-Get-Khan CD 1999
Kill II this Deviate CD 1988
Killing Joke A new day Maxi 1984
Killing Joke Adorations Maxi 1986
Killing Joke Adorations Maxi 1986
Killing Joke Alchemy - The Remixes CD 1996
Killing Joke Almost Red Maxi 1979
Killing Joke BBC in Concert CD 1995
Killing Joke Birds of a feather Maxi
Killing Joke Brighter than a thousand suns LP 1986
Killing Joke Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (+ Bonus Songs) CD 1986
Killing Joke Change (Spiral Tribe Mixes) MXCD 1992
Killing Joke Democracy CD 1996
Killing Joke Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions CD 1990
Killing Joke Fire Dances CD 1983
Killing Joke Fire Dances LP 1983
Killing Joke For Beginners CD 2004
Killing Joke Hosannas From The Basements of Hell CD 2006
Killing Joke Jana (Youth Mix + Live Songs) MXCD 1994
Killing Joke Killing Joke CD 1980
Killing Joke Killing Joke LP
Killing Joke Killing Joke 2003 CD 2003
Killing Joke kings and queens 7Si 1985
Killing Joke Laugh? I nearly bought one! CD 1992
Killing Joke Let´s All Go (To The Fire Dances) Maxi 1983
Killing Joke love like blood 7Si 1985
Killing Joke love like blood 7Si 1985
Killing Joke Love like Blood Maxi 1985
Killing Joke Me Or You? Maxi 1983
Killing Joke Millenium (Cybersank Edit) MXCD 1994
Killing Joke My Love Of This Land 7Si 1988
Killing Joke Night Time LP
Killing Joke No Way Out But Forward Go LP 2002
Killing Joke Outside the Gate CD 1988
Killing Joke Outside the Gate LP
Killing Joke Pandemonium CD 1994
Killing Joke Revelations LP
Killing Joke Sanity Maxi 1986
Killing Joke wardance 7Si 1980
Killing Joke What's this for? LP
Killing Joke Wilful Days CD 1995
King Steps in time LP
King, Ben E. The Voice of Soul LP
King, Ben E. & The Coasters stand by me 7Si 1961
King, Ricky hale, hey louise 7Si 1981
King, Ricky Le Reve 7Si 1976
Kingston Trio tom dooley 7Si
Kinks a well respected man 7Si 1967
Kinks Backtracking LP
Kinks come dancing 7Si 1982
Kinks Dandy 7Si 1966
Kinks Dead End Street LP
Kinks Greatest Hits LP
Kinks victoria 7Si 1969
Kinks victoria (live) 7Si 1980
Kiwisex Home Fucking is killing Prostitution Maxi
KIZ die sennerin vom königsee 7Si 1982
Klassik Beethoven, Ludwig van: Symphonie Nr. 5 C Moll / Egmont Overtüre LP
Klassik Bizet, Georges: Carmen LP
Klassik Meditation: Musik zum Träumen LP
Klassik Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Eine kleine Nachtmusik LP
Klassik Mozart: Freimaurermusik (komplett) DOLP 1966
Klassik Offenbach, Jacques: Orpheus in der Unterwelt LP
Klassik Tschaikowsky, Pjotr: Klavierkonzert Nr. 1 / Violinkonzert D-Dur LP
Klassik Vivaldi, Antonio: Die vier Jahreszeiten LP
Knack Get the Knack LP
Knack my sharona 7Si 1979
Kool & The Gang get down on it 7Si 1982
Korn Follow the Leader CD 1998
Korn Life is Peachy CD 1996
Kraftwerk das model 7Si 1981
Kraftwerk Die Menschmaschine LP
Kraftwerk tour de france (version allemande) 7Si 1983
Kravitz, Lenny Lenny CD 2001
Kreidler Resport CD 1997
Krupps Odyssey of the Mind CD 1995
Krupps Scent MXCD 1995
Kve:r Coupe de Sabre MXCD 1999
Kyuss Blues For The Red Sun CD 1992
Laid Back baker man 7Si 1989
Lard Power of Lard (EP) LP
Lauper, Cindy Girls just want to have fun Maxi
Lauper, Cindy She's so unusual LP
Lauper, Cindy time after time 7Si 1983
Leapy Lee teresa 7Si 1969
Lear, Amanda queen of china-town 7Si
Leather Nun Force of Habit LP
Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy LP
Led Zeppelin IV LP
Led Zeppelin Presence LP 1976
Led Zeppelin Remasters DOCD 1990
Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same - Soundtrack DOCD 1976
Leftfield Leftism CD 1995
Lemon Sol Universal MXCD 1994
Leningrad Cowboys Live in Prowinzz CD 1993
Lennon, John (just like) starting over 7Si 1980
Lennon, John imagine 7Si
Lennon, John woman 7Si 1980
Les Humphries Singers carnival 7Si 1973
Les Humphries Singers mexico 7Si 1972
Les Humphries Singers rock my soul 7Si
Les Humphries Singers Top Szene Hamburg 7Si 1975
Level 42 A physical presence LP
Level 42 Guaranteed Maxi 1991
Level 42 Level Best LP
Lewie, Jona stop the cavalry 7Si 1980
Lewis, Jerry Lee great balls of fire 7Si 1980
LFO Frequencies CD 1991
Lightning Seeds Cloudcuckooland LP
Lightning Seeds Dizzy Heights CD 1996
Lightning Seeds Jollification CD 1994
Lightning Seeds Life´s Too Short (3 Jays/ ATFC Remix), Doppel-Maxi Maxi 1999
Lightning Seeds Like you do ... Best of CD
Lightning Seeds Sense CD 1992
Lightning Seeds Three Lions MXCD 1996
Lindenberg, Udo Gustav - 10 Schlüssel zum Hotel Imperial CD
Lindenberg, Udo & das Panik Orchester Alles Klar auf der Andrea Doria LP 1973
Lindenberg, Udo & das Panik Orchester Intensivstation (Live) DOLP 1982
Lindley, David El Rayo-X LP
Lipps Inc funkytown 7Si 1979
Liquid Sky Music M.A.F.I.A. Electronique: Electro Bunker Cologne CD
Liquid Sky Music This Is Not Home Entertainment (HE002) CD 1995
Little Richard long tall sally 7Si
Lobo i´d love you to love me 7Si 1988
Loonies Crown of Creation LP
Lopez, Trini if i had a hammer 7Si 1983
Lotte Ohm Besserwisser (Promo Version) MXCD 1998
Lotte Ohm Das Ohmsche Gesetz - Auszüge (Promo-Version) MXCD 1998
Love Affair everlasting love 7Si 1969
Loverboy Turn Me Loose 7Si 1982
Lovin´ Spoolful summer in the city 7Si 1985
Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran rock bottom 7Si 1977
M pop muzik 7Si 1979
M.I.A. schwarzweiß MxDo 2004
Mac Gregor, Mary Torn Between Two Lovers 7Si 1976
Machine Gun Fellation Bring it on CD 2000
Madness Absolutely LP
Madness Complete Madness LP
Madness Keep Moving LP
Madness my girl 7Si 1980
Madness one step beyond 7Si 1979
Madness One Step Beyond LP
Madness our house 7Si 1982
Madness our house 7Si 1982
Madness Seven LP
Madness Shut Up 7Si 1981
Madness tomorrow´s just another day 7Si 1983
Madness wings of a dove 7Si 1983
Madonna dear jessie 7Si 1989
Madonna into the groove 7Si 1985
Madonna la isla bonita 7Si 1987
Madonna like a prayer 7Si 1989
Madonna like a virgin 7Si 1984
Maffay, Peter du 7Si 1972
Maffay, Peter und es war sommer 7Si 1976
Majors, Lee unknown stuntman 7Si 1985
Malmkvist, Siw Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht 7Si
Mandy boys and girls 7Si 1988
Manfred Mann fox on the run 7Si 1968
Manfred Mann´s Earth Band mighty queen (live) 7Si 1978
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Angel Station LP
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Somewhere in Africa LP
Manic Street Preachers Forever Delayed – The Greatest Hits CD 2004
Manic Street Preachers Generation Terrorists CD 1992
Manic Street Preachers Know your Enemy CD 2001
Manic Street Preachers This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours LP 1998
Manilow, Barry mandy 7Si
Manilow, Barry Manilow Magic LP
Manitas de Plata Flaming Flamenco LP
Märchen Disneys Children´s Favorites Vol. 2 LP
Märchen Preussler, Ottfried: Der kleine Wassermann LP
Märchen Zukowski, Rolf: Mit Kerlchen fällt der Streit ins Wasser LP
Marie, Kelly feels like i´m in love 7Si 1979
Marillion Assasing Maxi 1984
Marillion B'Sides themselves CD 1988
Marillion Brief Encounter LP
Marillion Clutching at Straws LP 1987
Marillion Fish out of Water (Bootleg) LP
Marillion Freaks (Live) Maxi 1988
Marillion Fugazi LP
Marillion Garden Party (The Great Cucumber Massacre) Maxi 1983
Marillion Garden Party Live Maxi 1986
Marillion he knows you know 7Si 1983
Marillion Heart of Lothian Maxi 1985
Marillion Incommunicado Maxi 1987
Marillion Kayleigh CD 1996
Marillion Kayleigh Maxi 1985
Marillion lavender 7Si 1985
Marillion Market Square Heroes Maxi 1982
Marillion Misplaced Childhood LP
Marillion Punch and Judy Maxi 1984
Marillion Real to Reel - Live CD 1984
Marillion Script for a Jester's Tear LP
Marillion Seasons End LP
Marillion The Thieving Magpie - Live DOCD 1988
Marillion Warm Wet Circles Maxi 1987
Marillion/ Fish Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors CD 1989
Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar CD 1996
Marley, Bob and the Wailers Legend LP
Marrs pump up the volume 7Si
Marshall, Hain dancing in the city 7Si 1978
Martin, Dean That's Amore LP
Martinelli cenerentola (cinderella) 7Si 1985
Mascarade The Sound of Mascarade LP
MASH suicide is painless 7Si 1970
Massive Attack 100th Window CD 2003
Massive Attack Blue Lines CD 1991
Massive Attack Mezzanine CD 1998
Matt Bianco half a minute 7Si 1984
Matt Bianco yeh yeh 7Si
May, Brian driven by you 7Si 1991
May, Brian too much love will kill you 7Si 1992
May, Brian & Friends star fleet (edit single version) 7Si 1983
McCartney, Paul & The Wings Coming Up 7Si 1980
McCartney, Paul & The Wings ebony and ivory 7Si 1982
McCartney, Paul & The Wings live and let die 7Si 1973
McCartney, Paul & The Wings mull of Kintyre 7Si 1978
McFerrin, Bobby don´t worry, be happy 7Si 1988
McKenzie, Scott san francisco (be sure to ware some flowers in your hair) 7Si 1987
McLaren, Malcom double dutch 7Si 1983
McLean, Penny 7Si 1976
Meat Beat Manifesto Asbestos Lead Asbestos Maxi 1996
Meat Beat Manifesto Subliminal Sandwich (Limited Edition) DOCD 1996
Meat Loaf modern girl 7Si 1984
Meat Loaf you took the words right out of my mouth (hot summer night) 7Si 1978
Medicine Head one and one is one 7Si 1973
Medley, Bill & Jennifer Barnes (i´ve had) the time of my life 7Si 1987
Men at Work Business as usual LP
Men at Work down under 7Si 1981
Men at Work it´s a mistake 7Si 1983
Men at Work overkill 7Si 1983
Men Without Hats i got the message 7Si 1982
Men without Hats Pop goes the World LP
Men without Hats Pop goes the World Maxi
Men without Hats Rythm of Youth LP
Men Without Hats the safety dance 7Si 1982
Men without Hats The Very Best of CD 1997
Men Without Hats where do the boys go? 7Si 1984
Mercury, Freddy i was born to love you 7Si 1985
Mercury, Freddy in my defense 7Si 1992
Mercury, Freddy love kills 7Si 1984
Mercury, Freddy love kills 7Si 1984
Mercury, Freddy the great pretender 7Si 1992
Mercury, Freddy the great pretender 7Si 1987
Mercury, Freddy the great pretender 7Si 1987
Metallica enter sandman 7Si 1991
Metallica Metallica LP
Metallica St. Anger DOCD 2003
Mezzoforte Take off Maxi
MIA. Hieb & Stichfest CD 2002
MIA. Hungriges Herz MXCD 2004
MIA. Ökostrom MXCD 2004
MIA. Sonne MXCD 2004
MIA. Stille Post CD 2004
MIA. Stille Post Limited Tour Edition DOCD 2004
MIA. Was es ist EP MXCD 2003
Miami Sound Machine conga (european mix) 7Si 1985
Midnight Oil beds are burning 7Si 1987
Midnight Oil Diesel and Dust LP
Military Band of the Royal Scots Dragon Guards amazing grace 7Si 1972
Miller, Glen The Swinging Big Bands 1939-1942 LP
Miller, Ray antoinette 7Si
Milli Vanilli blame it on the rain 7Si 1989
Milli Vanilli Girl you know it's true Maxi
Ministry Filth Pig CD 1996
Ministry Jesus built my Hotrod Maxi
Ministry Psalm 69 (Keaph???) CD 1992
Ministry The Mind is a terrible Thing to taste CD 1989
Minogue, Kylie Fever CD 2001
Minus 8 Beyond Beyond CD 1998
Mission Carved in Sand LP
Mission Children LP
Mission Grains of Sand LP
Mission tower of strength 7Si 1987
Moby Come On Baby MXCD 1996
Moby Early Underground CD 1993
Moby Eigthteen 18 CD 2002
Moby Hotel CD 2005
Moby Into The Blue MXCD 1995
Moby James Bond Theme MXCD 1997
Moby Lift Me Up EP MXCD 2005
Moby Play (Special Limited Edition) DOCD 1998
Moby/ Voodoo Child Dog Heaven MXCD 1996
Modern Talking you can win if you want 7Si 1985
Modern Talking you´re my heart, you´re my soul 7Si 1984
Modest Mouse The lonesome crowded West CD 1997
Moloko All Back To The Mine (A Collection of Remixes 1995-2000) DOCD 2001
Mon Thys San Marion 7Si
Monkees daydream believer 7Si 1967
Monroe, Marilyn Marilyn Monroe and The Hollywood Stars DOLP 1984
Monty Python always look on the bright side of life 7Si 1991
Moody Blues nights in white satin 7Si 1967
Moon Martin Street Fever LP
Moore, Gary Wild Frontier CD 1987
Morel, George/ Nalin, Andry Mach 1 (Best Of German House Clubs) DOCD 1998
Morissette, Alanis Jagged Little Pill CD 1995
Morissette, Alanis Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie CD 1998
Morricone, Ennio spiel mir das lied vom tod (jill´s theme) 7Si
Moses we just (new mix) 7Si 1986
Motels All Four One LP 1982
Motörhead No sleep till Hammersmith LP
Mountain Twin Peaks LP
Mud l´l´lucy 7Si 1975
Mudhoney Superfuzz Bigmuff LP
Mungo Jerry in the summertime 7Si 1970
Musical Youth pass the dutchie 7Si 1982
Muskelkater Mich kennt keine Sau 7Si 1989
My Balloon On my Way MXCD 2000
Myles, Alannah black velvet 7Si 1989
N'Dour, Youssou & Neneh Cherry Seven Seconds MXCD 1994
Nalin & Kane Beachball MXCD
Nannini, Gianna occhi aperti 7Si
Nazareth the flight tonight 7Si
Neger, Ernst mit Chor und Hofkapelle des MCV mainzer narhalla-marsch 7Si
Nelson, Ricky hello mary lou 7Si 1972
Nena ? (fragezeichen) 7Si 1983
Nena 99 luftballons 7Si 1983
Nena irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann 7Si 1984
Nena leuchtturm 7Si 1983
Nena nur geträumt 7Si 1982
New Glenn Miller Orchestra in the mood 7Si
New Model Army & Nobody else - Live DOCD 1999
New Model Army B-Sides and abandoned Tracks CD 1994
New Model Army Brave New World Maxi
New Model Army Eight CD 2000
New Model Army Ghost of Cain LP
New Model Army History - The Singles 85 - 91 CD 1992
New Model Army New Model Army (Seven Songs) LP 1987
New Model Army No Rest for the Wicked (Fame) LP
New Model Army No Rest for the Wicked (Original EMI) LP
New Model Army Radio Sessions 1983-1984 LP
New Model Army Raw Melody Man LP
New Model Army Strange Brotherhood CD 1998
New Model Army The Love of Hopeless Causes CD 1993
New Model Army Thunder and Consolation CD 1989
New Model Army Vengeance LP
New Model Army Vengeance / The Radio Sessions (Limited DBL-CD Edition) DOCD
New Order (the best of) New Order CD 1994
New Order 1981 - Factus 8 - 1982 (EP) LP
New Order BBC Radion One Live in Concert CD 1991
New Order Blue Monday Maxi 1983
New Order Blue Monday 1988 Maxi 1988
New Order Blue Monday 1995 Maxi 1995
New Order Brotherhood CD 1986
New Order Brotherhood LP
New Order Confusion Maxi 1983
New Order Crystal (CD1) MXCD 2001
New Order everything´s gone green 7Si 1982
New Order Everything's gone Green (FBN8) MXCD 1983
New Order Get Ready CD 2001
New Order Here we stay (CD1) MXCD 2002
New Order International CD 2002
New Order Low-Life CD 1985
New Order Movement CD 1981
New Order Movements LP
New Order Murder Maxi 1984
New Order Peel Sessions 1 Maxi
New Order Peel Sessions 2 Maxi
New Order PfD 177 DVD 1985
New Order Power, Corruption and Lies CD 1983
New Order Regret MXCD 1993
New Order Republic CD 1993
New Order Round and Remix MXCD 1989
New Order SECCstasy (Live) LP
New Order State of the Nation Maxi 1986
New Order Substance DOLP 1987
New Order Substance 1987 DOCD 1987
New Order Technique CD 1989
New Order Technique LP
New Order temptation 7Si 1982
New Order The Perfect Kiss Maxi 1985
New Order Touched by the Hand of God Maxi 1987
New Order true faith 7Si 1987
New Order True Faith 1994 Remix Maxi 1994
New Order Waiting For The Sirens´ Call CD 2005
New Order World in Motion Maxi 1990
New Order / Electronic Electronic LP
New Order / Joy Division Closer LP
New Order / Joy Division Peel Sessions LP
New Order / Joy Division Still LP
New Order / Joy Division Transmission Maxi 1979
New Order / Joy Division Unknown Pleasures LP
New Order / Revenge One true Passion LP
New Order/ Electronic Electronic CD 1991
New Order/ Electronic Raise The Pressure CD 1996
New Order/ Electronic Twisted Tenderness CD 1999
New Order/ Joy Division Closer CD 1980
New Order/ Joy Division Still (+ Peel Sessions) DOCD 1981
New Order/ Joy Division Substance 1977-1980 CD 1988
New Order/ Joy Division Unknown Pleasures CD 1979
New Order/ Monaco What do you want from me MXCD 1997
New Order/ The Other Two The other two and You CD 1993
New Order/ Warsaw Warsaw CD 1999
New Orleans Sweet Emma Sweet Emma LP
Newton-John, Olivia physical 7Si 1981
Nick Cave & The bad Seeds No more shall we part CD 2001
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds the ship song 7Si 1990
Nick Cave & The bad Seeds Where the wild Roses grow MXCD 1995
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Tender Prey LP
Nina Hagen Band Nina Hagen Band LP
Nina Hagen Band Unbehagen LP
Nine Inch Nails And all that could have been - Live CD 2002
Nine Inch Nails Broken LP
Nine Inch Nails Fixed CD 1992
Nine Inch Nails Further down the Spiral CD 1995
Nine Inch Nails The Fragile DOCD 1999
Nine Inch Nails With Theeth CD 2005
Nirvana Nevermind CD 1991
Nirvana Smells like Teen Spirit MXCD 1991
Nirvana Unplugged - Live USA CD
Nits In the Dutch Mountains Maxi 1987
Noir Desire Des Visages des Figures CD 2002
Noise Works Simple Man Maxi 1989
Noise Works Take me back Maxi 1986
Noiseworks touch 7Si 1988
Noiseworks Touch CD 1988
NoMeansNo The Power of Positive Thinking EP 1990
Nomi, Klaus Simple Man LP
Notwist Neon Golden CD 2002
Notwist Neon Golden LP 2002
Numan, Gary radio heart 7Si 1987
Numan, Gary (Tubeway Army) Pleasure Principle LP
Numan, Gary (Tubeway Army) Replicas LP
Numan, Gary & Tubeway Army Premier Hits CD 1996
O´connor Sinead The Lion and The Cobra CD 1987
O´Connor, Sinead nothing compares 2 u 7Si 1990
O'Connor, Hazel Breaking Glass LP
Oasis (What´s The Story) Morning Glory? CD 1995
Oasis Be Here Now CD 1997
Oasis Wonderwall Maxi 1996
Ofra Haza im nin´alu 7Si 1987
Oldfield, Mike Airborn LP
Oldfield, Mike Crises LP
Oldfield, Mike Discovery LP
Oldfield, Mike Earth Moving LP
Oldfield, Mike islands 7Si 1987
Oldfield, Mike mistake 7Si 1982
Oldfield, Mike Moonlight Shadow Maxi 1983
Oldfield, Mike Platinum LP
Oldfield, Mike shine 7Si 1986
Oldfield, Mike The Complete Mike Oldfield LP
Oldfield, Mike The Killing Fields LP
Oldfield, Mike the time has come 7Si 1987
Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells CD 1973
Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells LP
Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells II CD 1992
Oliver Onions bulldozer 7Si 1978
Oliver Onions flying through the air 7Si
Oliver Onions orzowei 7Si 1976
Oliver Onions santa maria 7Si 1980
OMD Architecture & Morality LP 1981
OMD Dazzle Ships LP
OMD The best of OMD CD 1988
OMD The Pazific Age LP
One Inch Punch Tao of the One Inch Punch CD 1996
Oomph Defekt CD 1995
Opel Bastards The Job CD
Opus live is life 7Si 1985
Orbinson, Roy pretty woman 7Si
Orca 4 a.m. MXCD
Orca 4 a.m. (4 o´clock in the morning) Maxi 1991
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) if you leave 7Si 1986
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) la femme accident 7Si 1985
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) maid of orleans (the waltz joan of arc) 7Si 1981
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) never turn away 7Si 1984
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) pandora´s box 7Si 1991
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) sailing on the seven seas 7Si 1991
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) so in love 7Si 1985
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) talking loud and clear 7Si 1984
Osbourne, Ozzy Dreamer MXCD 2002
Osmond, Donny & Marie I´m Leaving it (all) up to You 7Si 1974
Other Ones holiday 7Si 1987
Ottawan d.i.s.c.o (english version) 7Si 1979
Ottawan hands up (give me your heart) 7Si 1981
Ottawan help! (get me some help) 7Si 1981
Ottawan megamix 7Si 1989
Otto Das 4. Programm LP
Otto Das Wort zum Montag LP
Otto Hilfe, Otto kommt LP
Otto Live Audimax LP
Otto O, Otto LP
Otto Otto versaut Hamburg LP
Outfield your love 7Si 1986
OutKast Speakerboxx/ The Love Below 4LP 2004
Painted Word Independence Day Maxi 1986
Palmer, Barry she´s leaving home 7Si 1984
Palmer, Robert change his ways 7Si 1989
Party Diktator Dive Bomb CD 1996
Patti Smith Group Easter LP
Patti Smith Group Horses LP 1975
Patti Smith Group Wave LP
Patti Smtih Group Radio Ethiopia LP
Paul, Bernie lucky 7Si
Pavlov's Dog Pampered Menial LP
Pavone, Rita alle männer sind nicht so 7Si 1968
Pearl Jam alive 7Si 1991
Pearl Jam daughter 7Si 1993
Pearl Jam Ten CD 1992
Pearl Jam Vitalogy CD 1994
Peret borriquito 7Si
Pet Shop Boys A Red Letter Day (Promo) MXCD 1997
Pet Shop Boys Actually LP
Pet Shop Boys always on my mind 7Si 1987
Pet Shop Boys Behaviour LP
Pet Shop Boys Discographie CD 1991
Pet Shop Boys heart 7Si 1988
Pet Shop Boys Introspective CD 1988
Pet Shop Boys jealousy 7Si 1991
Pet Shop Boys Live Wire LP
Pet Shop Boys Nightlife CD 1999
Pet Shop Boys One more chance Maxi 1984
Pet Shop Boys Please LP
Pet Shop Boys Release CD 2002
Pet Shop Boys suburbia 7Si 1986
Pet Shop Boys West End - Sunglasses Maxi 1984
Pet Shop Boys West End Girls Maxi 1985
Pet Shop Boys with Dusty Springfield what have i done to deserve this? 7Si 1987
Peter, Sue and Marc cindy 7Si 1976
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club Aristocracy LP
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club Boaphenia LP
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club C90 LP 2003
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club Ernest Statue Maxi 1990
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club God LP
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club Helios LP
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club Hispanola LP
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club I dedicate my soul to you (Mini-LP) LP
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club I don't need your summer Maxi 1986
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club Live! Exile on Valetta Street LP
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club Philister LP
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club Philistrines LP
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club Kill Your Ideals Maxi 1990
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club Nomads Land Maxi 1987
Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club / Just-Dis Container Love (Techno Remix) Maxi 1995
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club 20 Years Of Indie Cult EP CD 2005
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Aristocracie CD 1986
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Boa - 85 - 01: Singles Collection 1985 - 2001 DVD 2002
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Boaphemia CD 1993
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Burn All The Flages MXCD 2005
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club C90 (Limited Edition) CD 2003
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club container love 7Si 1989
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Container Love MXCD 1989
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Copperfield CD 1988
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Decadence & Isolation (Limited Edition) CD 2005
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Decadence & Isolation (mit Boa Autogramm) MXCD 2005
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Deep in Velvet MXCD 1995
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Deep in Velvet - Remixes MXCD 1995
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Eugene MXCD 2001
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Eugene Special Edition MXCD 2001
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Fine Art in Silver CD 1997
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club God (limited edition) CD 1994
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Hair CD 1989
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Helios CD 1991
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Hispanola (+ Bonus Tracks) CD 1990
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Johnny the Liar MXCD 1993
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Kiss my Soul MXCD 1998
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club laughing moon 7Si 1991
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Live! Exile on Valetta Street DOCD 1991
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Lord Garbage CD 1998
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Love On Sale MXCD 1993
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club My private war (Limited Edition) CD 2000
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Philister (inkl. "Most boring World") CD 1985
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Rock Club Mixes '94 MXCD 1994
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Rome in the Rain (Radio-Mix) MXCD 2000
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club She CD 1996
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club She - Limited Edition CD 1996
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Slipstream MXCD 2003
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club So What (CD1) MXCD 2000
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club So What (CD2 - Remixes) MXCD 2000
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club Starman MXCD 1997
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club The Red CD 2001
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club they say hurray (taverner-mix) 7Si 1989
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club This Is Michael 7Si 1988
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club This Is Michael (Westbam Remix) MXCD 1990
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club / Voodoocult Jesus Killing Machine CD 1994
Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club / Voodoocult Voodoocult CD 1995
Pia Lund Der Himmel (Promo) MXCD 2002
Pia Lund La Folie Angélique - Interpretationen CD 2001
Piaf, Edith Magnifique LP
Piaf, Edith milord 7Si 1960
Piaf, Edith Non, je ne regrette rien; les mots d`amour 7Si 1964
PIL Album LP
PIL Rise Maxi 1986
Pink Missundaztood CD 2003
Pink Try This CD 2003
Pink Floyd another brick in the wall 7Si 1979
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon LP
Pink Floyd Pulse - Live DOCD 1995
Pink Floyd Relics LP
Pink Floyd The final cut LP
Pink Floyd The first 3 Singles CD 1997
Pink Floyd The Piper at the Gates of Dawn CD 1994
Pink Floyd The Wall DVD 1999
Pink Floyd The Wall LP
Pink Floyd Wish you where here LP
Pink Floyd Wish you where here (Italienische Fassung) LP
Pink Pills Canned MXCD 1995
Pink Pills Enjoy Mongo Park CD 1996
Pink Pills Vorproduktion letztes Album CD
Pink Project disco project 7Si 1982
Pixies Come On Pilgrim CD
Pixies Come on Pilgrim LP
Pixies Doolittle CD
Pixies Doolittle LP
Pixies Surfer Rosa CD
Pixies Surfer Rosa LP
Pixies/ Black, Frank Frank Black CD 1993
PJ Harvey Down by the Water MXCD 1995
PJ Harvey Dry CD 1992
Placebo Black Market Music CD 2000
Placebo Meds CD 2006
Placebo Placebo CD 1996
Placebo Sleeping With Ghosts CD 2003
Placebo Twenty Years MXCD 2004
Placebo Without you I'm nothing CD 1998
Placebo Without you I'm nothing (with David Bowie) MXCD
Pleasure Principle Trip to my Soul LP
Pogues If I should fall from grace with God LP
Pointer Sisters neutron dance 7Si 1983
Pointer Sisters slow hand 7Si 1981
Police de do do do de da da da 7Si 1980
Police Every Breath you take (Singles) LP
Police Ghost in the Machine LP
Police Live USA CD
Police Message In A Bottle 4xCD 1993
Police Outlandos D'Amour LP
Police Outlandos D'Amour (griechische Fassung) LP
Police Regatta de Blanc LP
Police Synchronicity LP
Police synchronicity ii 7Si 1983
Police Zenyatta Mondatta LP
Police & Sting Roxanne 1997 MXCD 1997
Pop Tops suzanne suzanne 7Si
Pop, Iggy real wild child (wild one) 7Si 1986
Porcelain Bus Talking to God CD 1988
Porcelain Bus Talking to God LP
Porno for Pyros Pets MXCD 1993
Post, Mike Theme from Magnum P.I. 7Si 1982
Prefab Sprout A Life of Surprises - Best of CD 1992
Prefab Sprout Cars and Girls Maxi 1988
Prefab Sprout If you don't love me MXCD 1992
Prefab Sprout Looking for Atlantis Maxi 1990
Prefab Sprout Protest Songs LP
Prefab Sprout Steve McQueen LP
Prefab Sprout the king of rock´n´roll 7Si 1988
Prefab Sprout When Love breakes down Maxi 1984
Presley, Elvis Blue Hawaii LP
Presley, Elvis crying in the chapel 7Si 1965
Presley, Elvis Elvis Forever LP
Presley, Elvis Elvis Recorded Live On Stage in memphis LP 1974
Presley, Elvis Elvis´ Golden Records CD 1997
Presley, Elvis loving you 7Si
Presley, Elvis my baby left me 7Si 1964
Presley, Elvis my baby left me 7Si 1964
Presley, Elvis o sole mio (it´s now or never) 7Si 1960
Presley, Elvis suspicious minds 7Si 1969
Presley, Elvis way down 7Si 1977
Pretenders brass in pocket 7Si 1979
Pretenders Get close LP
Primal Scream Exterminator (XTRMNTR) CD 2000
Prince alphabet st. (edit) 7Si 1988
Prince Gonna kick your ass (Live) LP
Prince little red corvette 7Si 1983
Prince paisley park 7Si 1985
Prince Parade LP
Prince purple rain 7Si 1984
Prince Purple Rain CD 1984
Prince Sign "o" the Times LP 1987
Prince the arms of orion 7Si 1989
Princess i´ll keep on loving you 7Si 1986
Proclaimers I'm gonna be 500 Miles MXCD 1993
Procul Harum a whiter shade of pale 7Si 1967
Prodigy Breathe MXCD 1996
Prodigy Experience CD 1992
Prodigy Experience LP
Prodigy Firestarter MXCD 1996
Prodigy Music For The Jilted Generation CD 1994
Prodigy No Good (Start The Dance) MXCD 1994
Prodigy The Fat Of The Land CD 1997
Prodigy Voodoo People MXCD 1994
Promises baby it´s you 7Si 1978
Prong Cleansing CD 1994
Prong Rude Awakening LP
Propaganda A Secret Wish CD 1984
Propaganda dr. mabuse: the first side ´a to-day´ 7Si 1984
Pseudo Echo funky town 7Si 1987
Psychedelic Furs until she comes 7Si 1991
Psycheldelic Furs Book of Days LP
Psycheldelic Furs Dreaming Maxi 1982
Psycheldelic Furs Forever Now LP
Psycheldelic Furs Midnight to Midnight LP
Psycheldelic Furs Mirror Movies LP
Psycheldelic Furs Psycheldelic Furs LP
Psycheldelic Furs Talk Talk Talk LP
Puddle of Mudd Come Clean CD 2002
Pulp Common People MXCD 1995
Pulp Disco 2000 MXCD 1995
Pulp Live Hardcore CD 1998
Pulp This is Hardcore CD 1998
Pussycat Mississippi 7Si 1975
Pussycat my broken souvenirs 7Si 1977
Quatro, Suzi if you can´t give me love 7Si 1978
Queen A Day At The Races CD 1976
Queen A Day at the Races LP
Queen a kind of magic 7Si 1986
Queen A Kind Of Magic CD 1986
Queen A Kind of Magic LP
Queen A Kind of Magic Maxi 1986
Queen A Night At The Opera CD 1975
Queen A Night at the Opera LP
Queen A Winter´s Tale (Special Edition) MXCD 1995
Queen another one bites the dust 7Si 1980
Queen another one bites the dust 7Si 1980
Queen bicycle race 7Si 1978
Queen body language 7Si 1982
Queen bohemian rhapsody 7Si 1975
Queen bohemian rhapsody 7Si 1975
Queen breakthru 7Si 1989
Queen Classic Queen (US-Version) CD 1992
Queen crazy little thing called love 7Si 1979
Queen Demories Please Majesties CD 1994
Queen don´t stop me now 7Si 1979
Queen flash 7Si 1980
Queen Flash Gordon (Soundtrack) LP
Queen Get Down (Live 1982) LP
Queen good old fashioned lover boy; death on two legs (dedicated to ....) 7Si 1977
Queen Greatest Hits (2. Version - Jörg) LP 1981
Queen Greatest Hits (2. Version Birgit) LP 1981
Queen Greatest Hits (Deutsche Originalfasung - Braun/Gold Cover) LP 1981
Queen Greatest Hits (US-Version) CD 1992
Queen Greatest Hits II CD 1991
Queen Greatest Hits III CD 1999
Queen Headlong MXCD 1991
Queen Heaven For Everyone (CD1) MXCD 1995
Queen Hot Space CD 1982
Queen Hot Space LP 1982
Queen i want it all 7Si 1989
Queen i want it all 7Si 1989
Queen i want to break free 7Si 1984
Queen i want to break free 7Si 1984
Queen I Was Born To Love You (Japan TV Version) MXCD 1996
Queen I'm going slightly mad Maxi 1991
Queen II LP 1974
Queen In Nuce CD 1995
Queen innuendo 7Si 1991
Queen Innuendo (Erstauflage mit Kalender) CD 1991
Queen Interview Melody Maker 1982 LP 1986
Queen Interview with Brian May CD 1997
Queen it´s a hard life 7Si 1984
Queen it´s a hard life 7Si 1984
Queen Jazz CD 1978
Queen Jazz (deutsche Fassung) LP 1978
Queen Jazz (US-Import)) LP 1978
Queen killer queen 7Si 1974
Queen killer queen 7Si 1977
Queen las palabras de amor 7Si 1982
Queen las palabras de amor 7Si 1982
Queen Le Fleur du Mal (Live in Tokio, Swimming Pool Auditorium 1985) DOCD 1992
Queen Let me entertain you (Live, Köln) LP 1979
Queen Let Me Live (UK-Version) MXCD 1996
Queen Live at Wembley (1986) DOLP 1992
Queen Live Killers DOLP 1979
Queen Live Magic CD 1986
Queen Live Magic LP 1986
Queen Live USA (Live in Seattle 1977) CD
Queen Live USA (Live in USA 1982) DOCD
Queen Live Vol. 1 CD 1993
Queen love of my live 7Si 1979
Queen Made In Heaven CD 1995
Queen Made in Heaven LP 1995
Queen Made In Heaven (US-Version) CD 1995
Queen mustapha 7Si 1979
Queen News Of The World CD 1977
Queen News of the World LP 1977
Queen no-one but you 7Si 1997
Queen No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) MXCD 1997
Queen one vision 7Si 1985
Queen Pain is so close to Pleasure Maxi 1986
Queen play the game 7Si 1980
Queen Pre Ordained CD 1997
Queen Princes Of The Universe (NL-Version) MXCD 1999
Queen Queen CD 1973
Queen Queen LP 1973
Queen Queen (Sampler, DDR-Pressung) LP 1979
Queen Queen at the Beeb LP 1989
Queen Queen II CD 1974
Queen Queen On Fire: Live At The Bowl DVD 2004
Queen Queen Rocks CD 1997
Queen radio ga ga 7Si 1984
Queen Rock in Japan (Live 1985) DOLP 1985
Queen save me 7Si 1980
Queen Scandal Maxi 1989
Queen Seven Seas Of Rhye MXCD 1974
Queen Sheer Heart Attack LP 1974
Queen somebody to love 7Si 1976
Queen thank god it´s christmas 7Si 1984
Queen The Game (Japan Import 25 Years Queen) CD 1998
Queen The Game (Nachpressung) LP 1980
Queen The Game (Original Glänz-Cover) LP 1980
Queen the invisible man 7Si 1989
Queen The Miracle CD 1989
Queen The Miracle LP 1989
Queen The Miracle Maxi 1989
Queen the show must go on 7Si 1991
Queen the show must go on 7Si 1991
Queen the show must go on 7Si 1991
Queen The Show Must Go On MXCD 1991
Queen The Ultimate Collection DOCD 1992
Queen The Ultimate Rarities Collection CD
Queen The Works CD 1984
Queen The Works LP 1984
Queen Too Much Love Will Kill You MXCD 1996
Queen under pressure (rah mix) 7Si 1999
Queen Under Pressure (Rah Mix) MXCD 1999
Queen we are the champions 7Si 1977
Queen we are the champions 7Si 1977
Queen we are the champions 7Si 1977
Queen We Will Rock You (Ruind by Rick Rubin) CD 1991
Queen We Will Rock You/ We Are The Champions (Live) MXCD 1992
Queen who wants to live forever 7Si 1986
Queen X-Mas 1975 (live) DOCD 1989
Queen You Don´t Fool Me MXCD 1996
Queen You Don´t Fool Me (The Remixes) MXCD 1996
Queen you´re my best friend 7Si 1976
Queen / Brian May Driven by You Maxi 1991
Queen / Brian May Starfleet Project LP 1983
Queen / Brian May and Comic Relief The Stonk Maxi 1991
Queen / Cross Mad Bad and Dangerous to know LP 1990
Queen / Cross Shove it (deutsche Fassung) LP 1987
Queen / Cross Shove it (US-Import) LP 1987
Queen / Dave Clark Time DOLP
Queen / Freddy Mercury Barcelona Maxi 1987
Queen / Freddy Mercury Mister Bad Guy LP
Queen / Roger Taylor Fun in Space LP
Queen / Roger Taylor Strange Frontier LP
Queen / Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Queen Collection LP
Queen & David Bowie under pressure 7Si 1981
Queen & George Michael Five Live CD 1992
Queen & George Michael Somebody To Love (Promo) MXCD 1992
Queen with Wyclef Jean Another One Bites The Dust (Small Soldiers Version) MXCD 1998
Queen/ Brian May Another World CD 1998
Queen/ Brian May Back To The Light CD 1992
Queen/ Brian May Live At The Brixton Academy CD 1994
Queen/ Brian May Red Special (Japanese Tour Mini Album) CD 1998
Queen/ Brian May Resurrection (Japan Version) CD 1995
Queen/ Freddie Mercury Foolin' Around (Promo Version) MXCD 1992
Queen/ Freddie Mercury Living On My Own (No More Bros. Version) MXCD 1993
Queen/ Freddie Mercury Remixes CD 1993
Queen/ Freddie Mercury The Freddie Mercury Album CD 1992
Queen/ Freddie Mercury & Eddie Howell The Man From Manhattan CD 1996
Queen/ Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé Barcelona CD 1988
Queen/ Roger Taylor Electric Fire CD 1998
Queen/ Roger Taylor Happiness? CD 1994
Queen/ Royal Philhamonic Orchestra Queen Classic CD 1992
Queen/ The Cross (Roger Taylor) Blue Rock CD 1991
Queens of the Stone Age Lullabies To Paralyze CD 2005
Queens of the Stone Age Restricted CD 2000
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf (Limited Edition) DOCD 2002
Quinn, Anthony i love you, you love me 7Si
Quinn, Freddy Junge, komm bald wieder 7Si
R.E.M. Automatic for the People CD 1992
R.E.M. Finest Worksong MXCD 1988
R.E.M. From the Borderline (Live 1991 as Bingo Hand Job) DOCD 1991
R.E.M. Imitation of Life MXCD 2001
R.E.M. it´s the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine) 7Si 1987
R.E.M. Live Collection CD 1992
R.E.M. Live in Athens 1992 CD 1994
R.E.M. Monster CD 1994
R.E.M. New Adventures in Hi-Fi (Boxed) CD 1996
R.E.M. Non Album Tracks CD 1995
R.E.M. Reveal CD 2001
R.E.M. The Dream (Live) CD 1991
R.E.M. the one i love 7Si 1987
R.E.M. Up CD 1998
R.E.M./ Hindu Love Gods Hindu Love Gods CD 1990
Rackets only you 7Si
Radiohead Amnesiac 10IN
Radiohead Amnesiac CD
Radiohead Hail To The Thief CD 2003
Radiohead Kid A 10IN
Radiohead Kid A CD
Radiohead My Iron Lung CD 1994
Radiohead OK Computer CD 1997
Radiohead Pablo Honey CD 1993
Rafferty, Gerry baker street 7Si 1978
Rage against the Machine Rage against the Machine LP
Raggio di Luna (Moon Ray) comanchero 7Si 1984
Rain People Rain People CD 1989
Rainbirds Rainbirds LP 1987
Rainford, Tina silver bird 7Si 1976
Rainmakers Tornado LP
Ram Jam black betty 7Si
Ramazotti, Eros se bastasse una canzone 7Si 1990
Rammstein Du hast MXCD 1997
Rammstein Du riechst so gut ´98 MXCD 1998
Rammstein Engel MXCD 1997
Rammstein Sonne & Links 2,3,4 MXCD 2001
Ramones Brain Drain CD 1989
Ramones Loco Live CD 1991
Rat Pack/ Frank Sinatra (with Bono) I´ve Got You Under My Skin (Promo Version) MXCD 1993
Rat Pack/ Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin etc. Die Rat Pack Collection DOCD 2002
Rat Pack/ Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin etc. Live in Chicago CD 1999
Rattles devil´s on the loose 7Si
Rea on the beach (summer ´88) 7Si 1988
Real Life always 7Si 1983
Real Life catch me i´m falling 7Si 1983
Real Life send me an angel 7Si 1983
Reamonn Supergirl MXCD 2000
Recloose Cardiology CD 2002
Red Box lean on me 7Si 1985
Red Hot Chili Peppers By The Way DOLP 2002
Red Hot Chilli Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik CD 1991
Red Hot Chilli Peppers Breaking the Girl MXCD 1992
Red Hot Chilli Peppers By the Way CD
Red Hot Chilli Peppers Californication CD 1999
Red Hot Chilli Peppers What hits!? CD 1992
Reed, Lou Mistrial LP 1986
Reed, Lou walk on the wild side 7Si 1972
Reed, Lou Walk on the Wild Side - The Best of Lou Reed CD 1981
Reiser, Rio (mein) manager (erledigt das für mich) 7Si 1988
Relax ja mei! (des derf doch net sei) 7Si 1982
REM Can't get there from here Maxi 1985
REM Dead Letter Office LP
REM Document LP
REM Eponymous LP
REM Fables of the Reconstruction LP
REM Green LP
REM Life rich Pageant LP
REM New Adventures in Hifi DOLP
REM Out of Time LP
REM Reckoning LP
REM Stand Maxi 1989
REM Superman Maxi 1986
Republica Ready to go (Unverk. Muster) MXCD 1996
Residents Commercial Album LP
Residents Duck Stab LP
Residents Fingerprince LP
Residents Meet The Residents LP 1974
Residents Title in Limbo LP
Rialto Untouchable MXCD 1997
Ricchi e Poveri mamma maria 7Si 1982
Richard, Cliff nur mit dir (on the beach) 7Si 1964
Richard, Cliff one minute you´re gone 7Si
Richard, Cliff some people 7Si 1987
Ridgway, Stan camouflage 7Si 1986
Right Said Fred deeply dippy 7Si 1992
Right said Fred Up CD 1992
Roachford family man 7Si 1988
Robertson, Robbie Robbie Robertson LP
Rockers HiFi Overproof CD
Rolling Stones Almoust hear you sigh Maxi 1990
Rolling Stones angie 7Si 1973
Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet LP 1969
Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon (Erstauflage) CD 1997
Rolling Stones brown sugar 7Si 1970
Rolling Stones Dirty Work LP
Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue LP
Rolling Stones Flashpoint (Live) CD 1991
Rolling Stones Got Life if you want it LP
Rolling Stones honky tonk woman 7Si 1969
Rolling Stones honky tonk woman 7Si 1969
Rolling Stones Love you live DOLP
Rolling Stones miss you 7Si 1978
Rolling Stones mixed emotions 7Si 1989
Rolling Stones paint it black 7Si
Rolling Stones Rolled Gold DOLP
Rolling Stones satisfaction 7Si 1972
Rolling Stones Some Girls LP
Rolling Stones start me up 7Si 1981
Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers (Original) LP
Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers (Sonderauflage 1995) LP
Rolling Stones Still Life (American Concert 1981) LP
Rolling Stones Stripped (Live) CD 1995
Rolling Stones Tattoo You (Sonderauflage 2002) CD 2002
Rolling Stones the last time 7Si
Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones / Satisfaction LP
Rolling Stones Undercover LP 1983
Rolling Stones undercover of the night 7Si 1983
Rolling Stones / Mick Jagger She's the Boss LP
Rolling Stones/ Mick Jagger Primitive Cool CD 1987
Rollins Band Get some - Go again DOCD 2000
Romantics talking in your sleep 7Si 1983
Ronstadt, Linda it´s so easy 7Si 1977
Roos, Mary Keine Träne tut mir leid (für eine Hand voll Zärtlichkeit) 7Si 1985
Ross, Diana upside down 7Si 1980
Roussos, Demis goodbye, my love, goodbye 7Si
Rowles, John if i only had time 7Si 1968
Roxy Music Avalon 7Si 1982
Roxy Music more than this 7Si 1982
Röyksopp Melody A.M. CD 2001
Rush Moving Pictures LP
Sade is it a crime? 7Si 1985
Saga Heads or tails LP
Saga Times up LP
Sailor a glass of champagne 7Si 1975
Sammy Davis Jr. The Best of Sammy Davis Jr. LP 1982
Sandra (i´ll never be) maria magdalena 7Si 1985
Santa Esmeralda don´t let me be misunderstood & esmeralda suite 7Si 1977
Santabarbara charly 7Si 1973
Saragossa Band Buena Sera ( I Take my chance tonight) 7Si 1983
Savage Progress my soul unwraps tonight 7Si 1984
Savalas, Telly if 7Si 1974
Sayer, Leo Moonlighting 7Si 1975
Schneider love melody 7Si
Schneider, Helen With The Kick hot summer nites 7Si 1982
Schneider, Helen With The Kick rock´n´roll gypsy 7Si 1981
Schneider, Helge Fitzefitzefatze MXCD 1997
Scorpions wind of change 7Si 1990
Seal Seal CD 1991
Sean Paul Dutty Rock CD 2003
Secret Service ten o´clock postman 7Si 1980
Secret Service ye-si-ca 7Si 1980
Senneville, Paul de & Oliver Toussaint dolannes melodie (un linceul n´a pas de poches) 7Si 1975
Sex Pistols Holidays In The Sun 7Si 1977
Sex Pistols Never mind the Bollocks, we are the Sex Pistols LP
Sex Pistols The Great Rock'n Roll Swindle LP
Sexton, Charlie beat´s so lonely 7Si 1985
Shakespears Sister Break my Heart Maxi
Shaw, Sandie Puppet on a String 7Si 1967
Shellac 1000 Hurts CD 2000
Shocking Blue The Original Shocking Blue LP
Short Liquid CD 1996
Shorts comment ca va (deutsche version) 7Si 1983
Signer Low Light Dreams DOLP 2002
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Flaunt it LP
Sigue Sigue Sputnik love missile f1-11 7Si 1986
Sigur Ros Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise (The MP3 Collection) CD
Simon & Garfunkel bridge over troubled water 7Si 1969
Simon & Garfunkel The Sound of silence 7Si 1966
Simon and Garfunkel Greatest Hits LP
Simon and Garfunkel The Graduate LP
Simon and Garfunkel / Art Garfunkel My Best LP
Simon, Frank Santa Lucia 7Si 1986
Simon, Paul you can call me al 7Si 1986
Simple Minds all the things she said 7Si 1986
Simple Minds Amsterdam EP Maxi 1989
Simple Minds Ballad of the Streets Maxi 1989
Simple Minds Celebration CD 1982
Simple Minds Celebration LP
Simple Minds Cry CD 2002
Simple Minds Dancing Barefoot EP MXCD 2001
Simple Minds don´t you (forget about me) 7Si 1985
Simple Minds Don't you forget about me Maxi 1985
Simple Minds Empires and Dance LP
Simple Minds Glittering Price Maxi
Simple Minds Glittering Prize 81/92 CD 1992
Simple Minds Good News From The Next World CD 1995
Simple Minds Kick It In Maxi 1989
Simple Minds Life in a day LP
Simple Minds Live - In The City of Light DOCD 1987
Simple Minds Live in the City of Light DOLP 1987
Simple Minds Live USA - Mandela Concert 1988 CD 1988
Simple Minds Néapolis CD 1998
Simple Minds Neon Lights (Erstauflage mit Dancing Barefoot EP) CD 2001
Simple Minds New Gold Dream LP 1982
Simple Minds New Gold Dream/ Sparkle In The Rain (Special 2CD Pack) DOCD 1983
Simple Minds Once upon a Time LP
Simple Minds Promised you a Miracle / Book of brilliant things 10IN 1987
Simple Minds Real Life CD 1991
Simple Minds Real to Real Cacophony LP
Simple Minds see the lights 7Si 1991
Simple Minds Sister Feelings call (Deutsche Version) LP
Simple Minds Sister Feelings call (Kanadische Version) LP
Simple Minds someone somewhere (in summertime) 7Si 1982
Simple Minds Sons & Fascination / Sister Feelings Call CD
Simple Minds Sons and Fascination LP
Simple Minds Sparkle in the Rain LP 1983
Simple Minds Street Fighting Years CD 1989
Simple Minds Sumertime in Glasgow (Live) DOLP
Simple Minds Sweat in Bullet Maxi 1981
Simple Minds This is your Land Maxi 1989
Simple Minds up on the catwalk 7Si 1984
Simple Minds Up On The Catwalk Maxi 1984
Simply Red if you don´t know me by now 7Si 1989
Simpsons The Simpsons Sing The Blues LP
Sinatra, Frank Cycles LP 1968
Sinatra, Frank Frank Sinatra (Die Volksplatte) LP
Sinatra, Frank Frank Sinatra Sings (Orchestralbegleitung unter Leitung von Axel Stordahl) LP
Sinatra, Frank my way 7Si 1971
Sinatra, Frank New York, New York - His Greatest Hits LP
Sinatra, Frank strangers in the night 7Si 1966
Sinclair, Bob Paradise CD 1998
Siouxie and The Banhees candyman 7Si 1986
Siouxie and The Banhees the last beat of my heart 7Si 1988
Siouxie and the Banshees Juju LP 1981
Siouxie and the Banshees Kaleidoscope LP
Siouxie and the Banshees Nocturne LP
Sister Sledge We Are Family 7Si 1979
Sisters of Mercy First and Last and Always LP
Sisters of Mercy Greatest Hits Vol. I (A Slight Case Of Overbombing) CD 1993
Sisters of Mercy This Corrosion Maxi
Sisters of Mercy Vision Thing LP 1990
Size 9 I´m Ready MXCD 1995
Skee-lo I wish CD 1995
Skinny Friday (Going Out) MXCD 1999
Skunk Anansie Stoosh CD 1996
Slade Far far away (C&A-Version) MXCD 1993
Slade mama weer all crazee now 7Si 1972
Slade my oh my 7Si 1983
Slam Alien Radio CD 2001
Slowdive Pygmalion CD 1995
Smashing Pumpkins (Rotten Apples) Greatest Hits DOCD 2001
Smashing Pumpkins Adore CD 1998
Smashing Pumpkins Machina - The Machines of God CD 2000
Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness DOCD 1995
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream CD 1993
Smashing Pumpkins Zero CD 1996
Smiths Hatful of Hollow CD 1984
Smiths Heaven knows I'm miserable now Maxi 1984
Smiths how soon is now 7Si 1985
Smiths Louder than Bombs (US-Version) CD 1993
Smiths Meat is Murder LP
Smiths sheila take a bow 7Si 1987
Smiths some girls are bigger than others 7Si 1986
Smiths Strange Days here we come LP
Smiths The Queen is dead 10IN
Smiths The World won't listen LP
Smiths / Morrissey Viva Hate LP
Smokie do to me 7Si 1979
Smokie living next door to alice 7Si 1976
Smokie mexican girl 7Si 1978
Smokie needles and pins 7Si 1977
Smokie oh carol 7Si 1978
Smokin Suckaz with Logic Playin Foolz CD 1993
Snap Rame (Remix) Maxi 1996
Snap The Power 7Si 1990
Snap! Exterminate! MXCD 1992
Snap! Mary Had A Little Boy MXCD 1990
Snap! The Madman´s Return CD
Snap! Welcome To Tomorrow MXCD 1994
Sniffin the Tears Fickle Heart LP
Soft Cell Non Stop extatic dancing LP
Soft Cell Tainted Love ´91 MXCD 1991
Soft Cell tainted love´91 7Si 1991
Soft Cell Tainted Love/ Where Did Our Love Go Maxi 1981
Soft Cell Tainted Love/ Where Did Our Love Go MXCD 1981
Soft Cell The Art of falling Apart LP
Soft Cell The Singles LP
Soft Cell / Marc Almond Mothers Fist LP
Soft Cell / Marc Almond Tenament Symphony LP
Something Happens Been there, seen that, done that LP
Sonic Youth Goo CD 1990
Sonic Youth One Hundred % (100%) EP 1992
Soul Asylum And The Horse They Rode In On CD 1990
Soul Asylum Clamp Dip And Other Delights CD 1988
Soul Asylum Gravedancers Union LP
Soul Asylum Keep It Up! Live USA ´93 CD 1993
Soul Asylum Let Your Dim Light Shine CD 1995
Soul Asylum Runaway Train MXCD 1993
Soul Asylum Somebody to shove Maxi
Soulsister the way to your heart 7Si 1988
Soundgarden Superunknown CD 1994
Soundtrack 24 Hour Party People CD 2002
Soundtrack For the Boys (Bette Middler) LP
Soundtrack Judgement Night CD 1993
Soundtrack Lost Angels LP
Soundtrack Lost Highway CD 1996
Soundtrack Pulp Fiction CD 1994
Soundtrack Rocky Horror Picture Show CD 1975
Soundtrack Schimanski - Zabou LP
Soundtrack The Crow CD 1994
Soundtrack The Lost Boys CD 1987
Soundtrack The Pink Panther LP
Soundtrack The Rocky Horror Show (Original London Musical) LP
Soundtrack Trainspotting CD 1996
Soundtrack (Armstrong, Crosby, Kelly, Sinatra) High Society - Die oberen Zehntausend LP
Soundtrack/ Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks CD 1990
Spandau Ballet fight for ourselves 7Si 1986
Spandau Ballet The Best of Spandau Ballet CD
Spandau Ballet through the barricades 7Si 1986
Spandau Ballet True LP
Sparta Porcelain CD 2004
Spencer Davis Group The Story of Pop LP
Spider Murphy Gang ich schau dich an 7Si 1982
Spider Murphy Gang mir san a bayerische band 7Si 1983
Spider Murphy Gang skandal im sperrbezirk 7Si 1981
Spliff carbonara 7Si 1982
Spliff das blech 7Si 1982
Spliff Herzlichen Glückwunsch LP
Spliff Spliff Remix LP
Spotnicks if you could read my mind 7Si 1971
Springfield, Dusty i´ll try anything 7Si 1967
Springfield, Dusty in private 7Si 1989
Springfield, Rick celebrate youth 7Si 1985
Springfield, Rick love somebody 7Si 1984
Springsteen, Bruce Live 1975 - 1985 3xCD 1985
Springsteen, Bruce streets of philadelphia 7Si 1994
Springsteen, Bruce The River DOLP
Sri Hari Rising Sign CD 1997
Stakka Bo The Great Blondino CD 1995
Stars on 45 stars on 45 (1) 7Si 1981
Stars on 45 stars on 45 (1) 7Si 1981
Stars on 45 Volume 1 Maxi 1981
Stars on 45 Volume 2 Maxi 1982
Status Quo rockin´ all over the world 7Si 1977
Status Quo running all over the world 7Si 1988
Status Quo what you´re proposing 7Si 1980
Steam na na hey hey kiss him goodbye 7Si 1970
Stella Finger on the Trigger for the Years to come CD 2000
Stephen Tintin Duffy kiss me 7Si 1985
Steppenwolf Gold - Their Greatest Hits LP
Stereo MC´s 33 45 78 CD 1988
Stereo MC´s Deep Down & Dirty Maxi 2001
Stereo MC´s Retroactive CD 2002
Steve Miller Band Abracadabra LP
Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974-1978 LP
Stevens, Shakin´ this ole house 7Si 1981
Stevens, Shakin´ you drive me crazy 7Si 1981
Steward, Rod The Story so far (Disc I) CD
Stewart, Rod ain´t love a bitch 7Si 1979
Stewart, Rod baby jane 7Si 1983
Stewart, Rod Body Wishes LP
Stewart, Rod da´ ya´ think i´m sexy 7Si 1978
Stewart, Rod i don´t want to talk about it 7Si 1977
Stewart, Rod Rod Stewart Greatest Hits Vol. I LP 1979
Stewart, Rod sailing 7Si 1975
Stewart, Rod tonight i´m yours 7Si 1981
Stickmen Afterhours CD 1997
Stiff Little Fingers All The Best DOCD 1991
Stiff Little Fingers Hanx! LP
Stiltskin The Minds Eye CD 1994
Sting Bring on the Night (Live) DOLP
Sting Nothing like the Sun DOLP
Sting Stravinskys The Soldiers Tale LP
Sting The Dream of the blue Turtles PICLP 1985
Sting they dance alone 7Si 1988
Sting and Eberhard Schoener code-word elvis 7Si 1985
Stone Roses I wanna be adored Maxi 1990
Stone Roses One Love Maxi 1990
Stone Roses she bangs the drums 7Si 1989
Stone Temple Pilots Core CD 1992
Stone Temple Pilots Purple CD 1994
Stranglers all day and all of the night 7Si 1987
Stranglers All live and all of the Night LP
Stranglers always the sun 7Si 1986
Stranglers Aural Sculpture LP
Stranglers big in america 7Si 1986
Stranglers Black and White LP
Stranglers Dreamtime LP 1986
Stranglers Golden Brown Maxi 1988
Stranglers nice in nice 7Si 1986
Stranglers no mercy 7Si 1984
Stranglers Singles DOLP
Stranglers skin deep 7Si 1984
Stranglers strange little girl 7Si 1982
Stranglers The Collection 1977 - 1982 LP
Stray Cats Rockabilly Rains this Town (Live Bootleg) LP
Streisand, Barbra memory 7Si 1981
Streisand, Barbra woman in love 7Si 1980
Strike Boys Selected Funks CD 1998
Style Council Home and Abroad (Live) LP 1986
Style Council The Cost of Loving LP
Style Council The Singular Adventures LP
Styx boat on the river 7Si 1979
Styx Killroy was here LP 1983
Sugarcubes Birthday Maxi
Sugarcubes Here today, tomorrow next week LP
Superformy Pop will save the World MXCD 2000
Supermax World of Today LP
Supertramp Breakfast in America LP
Supertramp Brother where you bound LP
Supertramp cannonball 7Si 1985
Supertramp Crime of the Century LP
Supertramp Crisis what crisis LP
Supertramp Even in the Quietest Moments LP
Supertramp Famous last Words LP
Supertramp Free as a Bird LP
Supertramp it´s raining again 7Si 1982
Supertramp Paris DOLP 1979
Supertramp the logical song 7Si 1986
Supertramp the logical song 7Si 1979
Supertramp The Very Best of Supertramp CD 1990
Supertramp / Roger Hodgson In the Eye of the Storm LP
Supremes Greatest Hits CD 1988
Survivor eye of the tiger 7Si 1982
Survivor the search is over 7Si 1985
Sweet block buster! 7Si 1972
Sweet co-co 7Si
Sweet little willy 7Si 1972
Sweet love is like oxygen 7Si 1989
Sweet the ballroom blitz 7Si 1973
System Of A Down Mezmerize CD 2005
System Of A Down Steal This Album CD 2002
System Of A Down System Of A Down CD 1998
System Of A Down Toxicity CD 2001
System of a Down Toxicity LP 2001
T. Rex featuring Marc Bolan get it on (1987 tony visconti remix) 7Si 1987
T.Rex get it on 7Si 1971
Taco Heartbreak City 7Si 1985
Take That Greatest Hits CD
Talk Talk Another Word Maxi
Talk Talk Colour of Spring LP 1986
Talk Talk History Revisited (Remix) LP
Talk Talk It's my Life LP
Talk Talk It's my Life Maxi 1984
Talk Talk It's my Mix LP
Talk Talk Laughing Stock LP
Talk Talk Natural History LP
Talk Talk such a shame 7Si 1983
Talking Heads blind 7Si 1988
Talking Heads Fear of Music LP
Talking Heads lifetime piling up 7Si 1992
Talking Heads Little Creatures LP
Talking Heads Naked LP
Talking Heads Remain in Light LP
Talking Heads road to nowhere 7Si 1985
Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues LP
Talking Heads Stop Making Sense CD 1984
Talking Heads Stop Making Sense LP
Talking Heads The Name of this Band is Talking Heads (Live) DOLP
Talking Heads wild, wild life 7Si 1986
Talking Heads / Jerry Harrison Casual Gods LP
Talking Heads/ David Byrne Music For The Knee Plays LP 1985
Tangerine Dream Zeit LP
Tauchen - Prokopetz (DÖF) codo (...düse im sauseschritt) 7Si 1983
Taylor, Roger man on fire 7Si 1984
Tears For Fears change (live) 7Si 1983
Tears For Fears head over heels 7Si 1985
Tears For Fears Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) MXCD 1992
Tears For Fears mad world 7Si 1982
Tears For Fears mothers talk 7Si 1984
Tears For Fears pale shelter 7Si 1983
Tears For Fears shout 7Si 1985
Tears for Fears Songs from the big chair LP
Tears For Fears Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits) CD 1992
Tears For Fears The Hurting CD 1983
Tears for Fears The Hurting LP
Tears For Fears The Seeds Of Love CD 1989
Tears For Fears the way you are 7Si 1983
Techno Divers 3rd Side of The Record: Compilation One CD
Techno Divers 3rd Side of The Record: Compilation Two CD
Techno Divers Battery Park Cologne 2.0 DOCD 1998
Techno Divers Digital Platform CD 2000
Techno Divers Drum & Bass: Alex Reece & Bill Laswell CD
Techno Divers Fresh Fruit: Cocktail #3 CD
Techno Divers Frontpage Compilation Vol. III: Motoguzzi Tour ´94 CD 1994
Techno Divers Hithouse Hypes Vol. 1 CD 1991
Techno Divers Jungle Beat: Wicked & Wild DOCD 1995
Techno Divers Logical Progression, Level 2 CD 1997
Techno Divers Metalheadz presents Platinum Breakz DOCD 1996
Techno Divers NightMove Compilation Vol. 2 CD
Techno Divers Party House Classics DOCD 1999
Techno Divers Phosphorescent (TIP Records) CD
Techno Divers Princo (Zusammenstellung von Olaf) CD
Techno Divers Pro Per Comp 1.0 CD
Techno Divers Rauschen 11 (Force Inc.) CD 1996
Techno Divers Speed Garage Vol. 1 CD 1997
Techno Divers Techno House Vol. 2 (nur CD1) CD 1991
Techno Divers The Ultimate Rave Techno Party CD
Techno Divers This is... Drum&Bass CD 1997
Techno Divers Unter Unserem Himmel 2 (Console, Strike Boys etc.) (Promo) CD 2001
Technogod 2000 Below Zero CD 1997
Technohead I Wanna Be A Hippy MXCD 1995
Technotronic Pump Up The Jam CD 1989
Temptations Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Remix 1987) Maxi 1987
Terence Trent D' Arby Introducing the hard line according to Terence Trent D' Arby LP
Terence Trent D' Arby Sign your Name Maxi
Terry Hoax Freedom Circus CD 1992
Test Department New World Order Maxi
Texas Southside CD 1989
Texas The Hush CD 1999
That Patrol Emotion Babble LP
That Patrol Emotion Chemicrazy LP
That Patrol Emotion Tingle Maxi 1991
The The Dusk CD
The The Dusk LP
The The Infected LP 1986
The The Infected LP
The The Mind Bomb LP
The The slow train to dawn 7Si 1986
They Might Be Giants Lincoln CD 1989
They might be Giants They might be Giants LP
Thin Lizzy Lizzy Killers CD 1981
Thirteen At Midnight Skin Deep Maxi 1983
Thompson Twins you take me up 7Si 1984
Throwing Muses Red Heaven LP
TokTok vs. Soffy O. Missy Queen´s Gonna Die MXCD 2001
TokTok vs. Soffy O. TokTok vs. Soffy O. CD 2002
Tom Robinson Band 2,4,6,8 motorway 7Si 1977
Tompson Twins Here's to future Days LP
Tompson Twins Into the Gap LP
Tompson Twins Love on your Side Maxi 1983
Ton Steine Scherben in Berlin 1984 LP
Ton Steine Scherben IV LP
Ton Steine Scherben / Rio Reiser Rio I. LP
Tone Band germany calling 7Si 1981
Toten Hosen Auf dem Kreuzzug ins Glück DOLP
Toten Hosen Auswärtsspiel CD 2002
Toten Hosen Bis zum bitteren Ende (Live) LP
Toten Hosen Damenwahl CD 1986
Toten Hosen Ein kleines bisschen Horrorschau LP
Toten Hosen Here's die Roten Rosen LP
Toten Hosen Hip-Hop-Bommi-Bop Maxi 1983
Toten Hosen Im Auftrag des Herrn… Live! CD 1996
Toten Hosen Kauf mich! CD 1993
Toten Hosen Learning English, Lesson 1 CD 1991
Toten Hosen Love, Peace & Money (Japan Version) CD 1994
Toten Hosen Opium Fürs Volk CD 1996
Toten Hosen Pushed Again MXCD 1998
Toten Hosen Reich & Sexy CD 1993
Toten Hosen Sascha …ein aufrechter Deutscher MXCD 1992
Toten Hosen The Battle of the Bands LP
Toten Hosen Unsterblich CD 1999
Toten Hosen Zurück zum Glück CD 2004
Toten Hosen/ Rote Rosen Wir Warten auf's Christkind CD 1998
Toto africa 7Si 1982
Toto hold the line 7Si 1985
Townshend, Pete face the face 7Si 1985
Toy Dolls Nellie the Elephant Maxi 1984
Tozzi, Umberto gloria 7Si 1979
Tozzi, Umberto Tu 7Si 1978
Trans X living on video 7Si 1983
Translator No Time like now LP 1983
Transvision Vamp i want your love 7Si 1988
Transvision Vamp tell that girl to shut up 7Si 1988
Travis The Man Who CD 1999
Triffids Born Sandy Devotional LP 1986
Triffids You don't miss your water till your well runs dry Maxi 1985
Trio anna - lass mich rein, lass mich raus 7Si 1982
Trio da da da ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht 7Si 1982
Trio da da da ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht 7Si 1982
Trio Trio CD 1982
Trio Trio LP
Troggs/ Iron Butterfly wild thing 7Si
Truth Five Live LP
Tubes What Do You Want From Life DOLP 1978
Tuff Jams Speed Garage: The Underground Sound of London CD 1998
Turner, Ike & Tina Nutbush City Limits 7Si 1973
Turner, Tina viva la money 7Si 1978
Turntablerocker Classic CD 2001
Tuxedomoon Desire LP 1981
Tuxedomoon Desire (incl. "No Tears" EP) CD 1987
Tuxedomoon Half Mute LP 1979
Tuxedomoon Holy Wars LP 1985
Tuxedomoon Pinheads On The Move CD 1987
Tuxedomoon Ten Years in One Night (Live) DOLP
Twelve Drummers Drumming I'll be there Maxi 1988
Twelve Drummers Drumming Where The Wild Buffalo Roams CD 1988
Two Man Sound charlie brown 7Si 1975
Tyler, Bonnie bitterblue 7Si 1991
Tyler, Bonnie i believe in your sweet love 7Si 1979
U2 Achtung Baby CD 1991
U2 Achtung Baby! LP 1990
U2 All That You Can´t Leave Behind CD 2000
U2 BBC Concert (Live 1983 Bootleg) LP 1983
U2 Boy CD 1980
U2 Boy LP 1980
U2 Camouflage Heart (Live 1985 Bootleg, Mannheim) DOLP 1985
U2 desire 7Si 1988
U2 Fire (U2 R.O.K.) Maxi 1981
U2 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me MXCD 1995
U2 I Still Haven´t Found What I´m Looking For Maxi 1987
U2 in god´s country 7Si 1987
U2 Love & Pride (Live 1985 Bootleg) DOLP 1986
U2 New Year´s Day (Long Version) Maxi 1983
U2 October LP 1982
U2 one tree hill 7Si 1987
U2 Pop CD 1997
U2 pride (in the name of love) 7Si 1984
U2 Rattle And Hum DOLP 1987
U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday (+ Special U.S. Remixes) Maxi 1983
U2 The Best Of 1980 - 1990 & B-Sides (Special Edition) DOCD 1998
U2 The Joshua Tree LP 1987
U2 The Ultimate 7" & 12" Collection 1979 - 1987 CD
U2 The unforgettable Fire LP 1984
U2 Two Hearts Beat As One (Club Version) Maxi 1983
U2 Under A Blood Red Sky (live) LP 1983
U2 War LP 1983
U2 where the streets have no name 7Si 1987
U2 Wide Awake in America LP 1985
U2 Zooropa CD 1993
U2/ Passengers Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1 CD 1995
UB40 (I Can´t Help) Falling In Love With You MXCD 1993
UB40 red red wine 7Si 1983
UB40 reggae music 7Si 1993
UB40 sing our own song 7Si 1986
UB40 The Best Of UB40, Volume One LP
UB40 featuring Chrissie Hynde i got you babe 7Si 1985
Ugly Kid Joe Goddamn Devil MXCD 1994
Ulanbator Kitchikilyaya - Delight MXCD 1992
Ultravox dancing with tears in my eyes 7Si 1984
Ultravox Extented Ultravox: A Collection of 12" Remixes CD 1998
Ultravox Ha!-Ha!-Ha! LP 1978
Ultravox hymn (give us the power and glory) 7Si 1982
Ultravox Lament LP 1984
Ultravox love´s great adventure 7Si 1984
Ultravox Monument The Soundtrack LP 1983
Ultravox Original Gold DOCD 1998
Ultravox Quartett LP 1982
Ultravox Rage In Eden LP 1981
Ultravox same old story 7Si 1986
Ultravox Systems Of Romance LP 1979
Ultravox The Collection DVD 2000
Ultravox The Collection LP 1984
Ultravox Three Into One LP 1979
Ultravox U-Vox LP 1986
Ultravox Ultravox! LP 1977
Ultravox vienna 7Si 1981
Ultravox Vienna LP 1980
Ultravox / Midge Ure Call Of The Wild Maxi 1987
Ultravox / Midge Ure If I Was Maxi 1985
Ultravox / Midge Ure The Gift LP 1985
Ultravox / Midge Ure Wastelands Maxi 1986
Ultravox/ Midge Ure Breathe CD 1996
Ultravox/ Midge Ure Breathe MXCD 1996
Undertones Positve Touch LP
Underworld A Hundreds Days Off CD 2002
Underworld Beaucoup Fish CD 1999
Underworld Cowgirl MXCD 1994
Underworld Dark & Long MXCD 1994
Underworld Dubnobasswithmyheadman CD 1998
Underworld Everything, Everything (Live) CD
Underworld Everything, Everything (Live) DVD 2000
Underworld Moaner MXCD 1997
Underworld Second Toughest In The Infants DOCD 1996
Underworld Two Months Off MXCD 2002
Underworld Underneath The Radar LP
Underworld / Freur Doot-Doot LP
Underworld / Freur Doot-Doot Maxi
United Balls Pogo in Togo 7Si 1981
Urban Dance Squad Life´n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover CD 1991
Urban Dance Squad Mental Floss For The Globe CD 1989
Urban Dance Squad Persona Non Grata CD 1994
Ure, Midge Answers To Nothing LP 1988
Ure, Midge call of the wild 7Si 1986
Ure, Midge cold, cold heart 7Si 1991
Ure, Midge dear god 7Si 1988
Ure, Midge that certain smile 7Si 1985
Uriah Heep lady in black 7Si 1971
US3 Cantaloop Maxi
Valentin, Karl & Lisl Karlstadt Feuerwerk; Radlerpech 7Si 1958
Valentino ich hab´ dein knie geseh´n 7Si 1974
van Halen 5 1 5 0 LP
Van Halen Balance CD 1995
Van Halen Best Of Volumen I CD 1996
Van Halen For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge CD 1991
Van Halen jump 7Si 1983
Van Halen MCMLXXXIV (1984) CD 1983
Van Halen OU812 CD 1988
Van Halen panama 7Si 1983
van Halen van Halen LP
Van Halen Van Halen 3 CD 1998
van Halen Women and Children First LP
Various 100 Jazzy Melodies Vol. 1 CD
Various 100 Jazzy Melodies Vol. 2 CD
Various 100 Jazzy Melodies Vol. 2 CD
Various 100 Jazzy Melodies Vol. 4 CD
Various Artist Dragon Attack - A Tribute To Queen CD 1996
Various Artist Pure Devotion (Killing Joke / Ministry / Prong-Mitglieder) CD 1992
Various Artists Depeche Mode - For the Masses CD
Vaughn, Billy and His Orchestra raunchy 7Si
Velvet Underground Everything You´ve Ever Heard About The Velvet Underground LP
Velvet Underground Velvet Underground - Best Of... LP
Velvet Underground - Lou Reed I Can´t Stand It LP
Velvet Underground - Lou Reed Rock´n´Roll Animal LP
Velvet Underground - Lou Reed Transformer LP
Velvet Underground & Nico The Velvet Unterground And Nico LP
Vermona Vermona (Liquid Sky Adventures HE003) CD 1995
Verve Urban Hymns CD 1997
VFL Borussia/ Bo Shannon Go For Victory MXCD 2001
Video Kids woodpeckers from space 7Si 1984
Village People can´t stop the music 7Si 1980
Village People go west 7Si 1979
Village People in the navy 7Si 1979
Village People ymca 7Si 1979
Vinton, Bobby dick and jane 7Si 1975
Violent Femmes Hallowed Ground LP
Violent Femmes Violent Femmes CD 1991
Virgin Prunes The Moon Looked Down And Laughed LP
Visage fade to grey 7Si 1980
Visage Fade To Grey MXCD 1993
Visit Venus Music For Space Tourism Vol. 1 CD 1995
Vitamin Z Rites Of Passage LP 1985
Vivid Go! CD 1997
Waite, John missing you 7Si 1984
Waits, Tom Blue Valentine LP
Waits, Tom Franks Wild Years LP
Waits, Tom Rain Dogs LP
Waits, Tom Swordfishtrombones LP
Waits, Tom The Heart Of Saturday Night LP
Walkers taboo (live) 7Si 1972
Wall of Voodoo do it again 7Si 1987
Wall of Voodoo Grandmas House LP
Wall of Voodoo / Stan Ridgeway The Big Heat LP 1986
Waltari Big Bang CD 1995
Wamdue Project King of my Castle MXCD 1998
Wang Chung dance hall days 7Si 1983
Wang Chung Mosaic LP 1986
Wang Chung Points On The Curve CD 1983
Wang Chung to live and die in l.a. 7Si 1985
Wang Chung wait 7Si 1983
Ward, Anita Ring my Bell (1990 Remix) Maxi
Washington Jr., Grover just the two of us 7Si 1980
Waterboys Room To Roam LP
Waterboys The Best Of The Waterboys 1981 - 1990 LP
Waterboys The Waterboys LP 1982
Waterboys This Is The Sea LP
Waterloo & Robinson bye, bye little butterfly 7Si 1978
Wax American English LP
Wax building a bridge to your heart 7Si 1987
Wax Magnetic Heaven LP
Wax right between the eyes 7Si 1986
Wedding Present lovenest Maxi 1991
Werding, Juliane Vielleicht irgendwann 7Si 1987
WestBam And Afrika Islam Dancing With The Rebels MXCD 2004
Westernhagen, Marius Müller Mit Pfefferminz bin ich dein Prinz LP
Wham! club fantastic (remix) 7Si 1983
Wham! everything she wants (remix) 7Si 1984
Wham! Fantastic LP
Wham! Last Christmas MXCD 1984
Wham! Make It Big LP
Wham! The Final DOLP 1986
Wham! wake me up before you go-go 7Si 1984
White Stripes Elephant CD 2003
White, Barry i´ll do for you anything you want me to 7Si 1975
Whittaker, Roger Abschied ist ein scharfes Schwert 7Si 1983
Whittaker, Roger Eloisa 7Si 1984
Whittaker, Roger Leben mit Dir 7Si 1985
Whittaker, Roger Wenn es Dich noch gibt 7Si 1982
Who Quadrophenia LP
Who The Story of the Who LP
Who The Who by numbers LP
Who Tommy LP
Who Who's next LP
Who / Pete Townshend White City LP
Whodini rap machine 7Si 1983
Wilde, Kim Chequered love 7Si 1981
Wilde, Kim Chequered love 7Si 1981
Wilde, Kim love blonde 7Si 1983
Wilde, Kim The Singles Collection 1981 - 1993 CD 1993
Wildecker Herzbuben Herzilein 7Si 1989
Wilder, Matthew break my stride 7Si 1983
Wilder, Matthew the kid´s american 7Si 1983
Williams, Jerry & Roadwork i can jive 7Si 1980
Williams, Robbie Escapology CD 2002
Williams, Robbie Sing When You´re Winning CD 2000
Williams, Robbie Swing When You´re Winning CD 2001
Williams, Robbie The Ego Has Been Landed (Best Of) CD 2001
Wilson, Jackie reet petite (the sweetest girl in town) 7Si 1986
Window Speaks man of the world 7Si 1987
Windows how do you do 7Si 1982
Winwood, Steve Chronicles LP
Winwood, Steve Roll With It LP
Wire And Here It Is...Again... LP
Wire Train .. In A Chamber LP
Wire Train Between Two Words LP
Wire Train She Comes On Maxi 1987
Wishful Thinking hiroshima 7Si 1978
Withers, Bill Lovely Days LP
Wolff, Christian Gina Marina 7Si
Wombles Superwombling LP
Wonder, Stevie masterblaster (jammin´) 7Si 1980
Wonder, Stevie part time love 7Si
Wonder, Stevie superstition 7Si 1972
Woodentops Live Hypnobeat Live LP
Woodentops Straight Eight Bushwaker LP
Wum´s Gesang ich wünsch mir ne kleine miezekatze 7Si
Xmal Deutschland Fetisch LP 1983
XTC Black Sea LP
Yazoo Don't go Maxi 1982
Yazoo The other Side of Love Maxi 1983
Yazoo Upstairs at Erics LP
Yello desire 7Si 1985
Yello lost again (i wish the wind) 7Si 1983
Yello lost again (i wish the wind) 7Si 1983
Yello Stella LP 1985
Yellow Magic Orchestra Hi-Tech / No Crime CD 1992
Yes Going For The One LP 1977
Yes leave it 7Si 1984
Yes owner of a lonely heart 7Si 1983
Young, John Paul love is in the air 7Si 1977
Young, Paul Love will tear us apart Maxi 1983
Z-Sampler 1988 Australian Rocks LP
Z-Sampler Beethovens Rache LP
Z-Sampler Chrysalis 25: Edited Highlights CD 1994
Z-Sampler Concerts for the People of Kampuchea DOLP
Z-Sampler Conspiracy of Hope LP
Z-Sampler Crossing All Over DOCD 1992
Z-Sampler Dadada, die neue Tanzmusik ist da LP
Z-Sampler De Nationale Voojaars CD 1993 CD 1993
Z-Sampler Die Galashow der Stars LP
Z-Sampler Die Wrangler Toplline Hits LP
Z-Sampler Die zweite Reimattacke CD 1995
Z-Sampler Eighties - Access LP
Z-Sampler Headful Of Rock (2) CD 1994
Z-Sampler Hits der 70er DOLP
Z-Sampler In Love with these Times - A Flying Nun Compilation LP
Z-Sampler Industrial Revolution: 3rd Edition Rare & Unreleased DOCD 1996
Z-Sampler International Compilation Mute CD 1991
Z-Sampler International Mute Compilation LP
Z-Sampler Maxi Smash Hits LP
Z-Sampler NDW - Tanz mit dem Herzen LP
Z-Sampler New Top Hits LP
Z-Sampler Now that's what I call music 4 DOLP
Z-Sampler Once In A Lifetime: 40 clasic new wave hits DOCD 1997
Z-Sampler Palatine - The Factory Story, Vol. 2 LP
Z-Sampler Palatine: The Factory Story Vol. 4 - Selling Out CD 1991
Z-Sampler Positively Elisabeth Street - A Citadel Compilation LP
Z-Sampler Product 2378 LP 1990
Z-Sampler Replay It Again (Intro Sampler) CD 2005
Z-Sampler Rock Anthems Vol. 1 DOLP
Z-Sampler Rock Anthems Vol. 2 DOLP
Z-Sampler Rock Superstars Vol. 1 LP
Z-Sampler Super 20 Hitrunner LP
Z-Sampler Superparty 16 Tours Vol 1. (Série Spéciale) (10") 10IN
Z-Sampler The Best of Bond ... James Bond CD 2002
Z-Sampler The Marquee Collection Vol. 2 LP
Z-Sampler The Secret Policemen's Other Ball LP
Z-Sampler Virgin Megamix Vol. 1 DOLP
Z-Sampler Virgin Megamix Vol. 2 DOLP
Z-Sampler Wave-Pop CD 1993
Z-Sampler World Hits (3LP-Box) 3LP
Zappa, Frank 200 Motels LP
Zappa, Frank Absolutely free LP
Zappa, Frank Bobby Brown Maxi 1979
Zappa, Frank Bobby Brown Maxi 1979
Zappa, Frank bobby brown goes down 7Si 1991
Zappa, Frank Hot Rats LP
Zappa, Frank Joe 's Garage, Acts 1-3 LP
Zappa, Frank One size fits all LP
Zappa, Frank Over-Nite Sensation LP
Zappa, Frank Roxy & Elsewhere LP
Zappa, Frank Sheik Yerbouti LP
Zappa, Frank Tinsel-Town Rebellion LP
Zappa, Frank You are what you is LP
Zappa, Frank Zappa in New York (Live) LP
Zappa, Frank / Captain Beefheart Abba Zaba LP
Zenno What's your Name Maxi 1985
Zerra 1 Zerra 1 LP
Zwan Mary Star Of The Sea CD 2003
Zwan Mary Star Of The Sea DOLP 2003
Zweiraumwohnung Kommt Zusammen (Limited Edition) DOCD 2001